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September 26 2016

Alan Tudyk got married at the weekend. Which may explain this gorgeous pic that Joss tweeted the other day.

Now he gets to suffer like the rest of us married people!

Congratulations to Alan! 💚
Congrats Alan!!

grumble, People failed to mention Con Man.
The fact that they mentioned he's most known as Wash made me happy.
If Wash married ZoŽ,
then Laurence Fishburne is going to be mightily pissed off.
Don't mess with the Morpheus, man!
I looked at that picture and thought, "I really hope Gina Torres gave him away. It's her right, he was her husband."
Aww, sweet! I'm so happy for him. There are a few nice wedding photos up on Google. Jason_M_Bryant, I love the idea of Gina T giving him away! Does anyone know any more? I guess he's a private guy (although not as private as Nathan Fillion!).

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