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September 27 2016

(SPOILER) Marvel's Agents of SHIELD 4x03 Promo "Uprising." In two weeks on October 11th.

a break next week?

This always annoys me so much. As long as it's only one week, I guess... :)
It's the VP debate next Tuesday, I think.
Yup. VP debate.

At least the second and third presidential debates won't affect the remaining October schedule. However, we can expect another break for election day on Nov. 8.

Counting the available weeks, we can still get the 10 episode this year and 12 episodes next year structure, the series have been maintaining the last 2 years.

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@Numfar I would bet a plugged nickel they shorten the front side to 9 eps.
Hmmm ... blackout. Wonder if there's any relation
Uh NickSeng, scroll down to the television part of that article.

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