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September 29 2016

Gail Berman, Buffy's executive producer, hopes that we'll see more Buffy. She said "I would love that. It's really up to Joss."

The comments were made at The Hollywood Reporter's Power Business Managers Event.

Is it, though? I mean, there are other factors at play, aren't there?
Actors being one. SMG has been fairly consistent with the whole "won't sign on before there's a script" thing, and now she seems to think she's too old (whatever that means in a world where The Expendables exists), so that's a bit of a standoff.
So what about spinoffs? Again with the actors. Vampires, unlike slayers (who don't get killed), aren't supposed to age, so that probably means no Spike and Angel, unless animation, shanshu or constant vampface.
What about Fray? That's probably best served as a movie.
I suspect what these people want to hear is the word "reboot", which would be a huge mistake.
It would be a cool twist in the Buffy saga if the slayer was a middle-aged woman.

Then she could be blinvisible for real this time.

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Agreed*. I don't even think she nees to be the slayer (which she isn't anyways) in a new project. As long it is true to the character it could be literally anything and Buffy could be doing much different things than we've seen her do before.

I also don't care whether or not the vampire actors look like they are fifty years old. It's make-belief. If I can buy the cheap special effects and Charisma Carpenter as a sixteen year old girl, I can also buy that Angel, Spike and the rest still look the same as they did before.

Regarding "Fray" I actually want to see this made into an anime series.

*Also, a couple of decades from now, I would love to see Buffy, Willow, Faith and Dawn as the new 'Golden Girls'. It's been way to long since there was a great show about the elderly. Young, sexy people are great, but there are other interesting folks out there, as well.
>> @GreatMuppityOdin
>> Vampires, unlike slayers (who don't get killed), aren't supposed to age,
>> so that probably means no Spike and Angel

Did anyone see Michael Douglas at the beginning of Ant Man
or RDJ in the BARF scene of Captain America: Civil War.

Still kinda expensive process, but getting cheaper fast.

I suspect that five years from now,
SMG will be able to play Buffy till she's too old to quip,
if she's wants to.

Or until five years after that, they audio and video capture her one last time
and Sarah can just stay home and collect likeness royalty checks.
While a perfect, live action, digitally generated Buffy kicks butt forever.
Eek, @RobynH! Does anyone else remember a movie from the 70s (I think) called Looker? The premise was similar to what you're saying, except the originals were audio/video captured and then murdered. I hope we skip that last part.
Getting off topic but I recall reading an article about a Silicon Valley firm buying up the digital likenesses of old time movie stars - Bogart, Grant, Monroe etc. on the hope that technology would continue to advance enough that new movies could be made featuring the voices / images of these legends. Creepy.
Well, I've already figured out how Joss could reboot the series, using my 8 year old daughter, who is more than half way to her black belt in Shaolin Kung Fu and has very limited acting experience. But, its not like he would meet with me to discuss this perfect plan (in my head) anyways.
I would have really loved if she hadn't messed with firefly and then canceled it.

But if wishes were horses we'd all be eating steak.

Personally, I won't watch anything she's worked on since Firefly.

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