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September 30 2016

Priceonomics ranks Firefly as #1 most popular cancelled cult TV show. Veronica Mars and Dollhouse also appear on this list, at number 8 and number 13 respectively.

Unlike most of these cult TV listings, this one has some stats behind it. Priceonomics looked at 500 TV shows cancelled within 3 years of first airing and ranked them by the number of IMDB ratings the shows got - as they say, "a good but imperfect proxy for fan devotion and popularity".

Priceonomics also ran a separate list by rating, and again Firefly came out on top. Shiny!

Fun article. I've been wondering what it says about us? Perhaps that we have excellent taste? It was fun to see some of my other favorites there too. I loved Dead Like Me, for instance.
Let's see:
Firefly, Dollhouse, Pushing Daisies, Veronica Mars,
My So-Called Life, Wonderfalls, Studio 60, Dead Like Me, Terminator.

Yep, given their criteria, restrictions and with the additions of
The Greatest American Hero and Robin of Sherwood, that's my list.
I was quite fond of Carnivale and would love to see its conclusion.
@Jocelyn, did you read the Piers Anthony novel, On a Pale Horse?
The TV show and movie, Dead Like Me, was loosely based on that book.

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