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October 04 2016

Joss Whedon reads a woman's thoughts to other men. Liz Plank of Vox fame gets Joss to read what she wrote cause "When men talk about sexism, though, they tend to generate quite a buzz".

Good article. Color me guilty. I've three elder sisters and they're always clocking me in the forehead for the actions I take.

Yet, they always look towards me whenever actions are required. So, I'm pretty much damned if I do, damned if I don't. I love them with all my heart, but my sisters still baffle me after 53 years. Maybe I'm missing something in the concept? Lord knows!
I don't get it. Why have a guy read it for her? Seems vaguely poignant. Hope that doesn't seem hater like or something. Maybe I missed the point.

"I don't get it. What is it? Avant-garde?" ~ Principal Snyder
@Gorch: "Iíve observed that when women talk about sexism, people pay less attention to them. When men talk about sexism, though, they tend to generate quite a buzz. So I found a person everyone loves hearing feminist musings from: a progressive white dude!"
It's a nice twist on the trope of men explaining women's thoughts to women.
I don't know. I was raised by a really staunch feminist & I find it verging on distasteful. I get that it's a political ad, but that's not the part that stuck with me. Or maybe I was just raised with way too much Aretha in the house. "Thank you, I'll get it myself" was the motto. (Sidebar; Annie Lennox was looking a lot like a female David Bowie, rest his soul & cross my heart, in the 80's). Today's new wave all seems so divisive & mean.
Can someone honestly direct me to some youtube search I can perform where the result is a simple definition of manspalining? Because either I was raised so far removed from that paradigm that that concept is just completely foreign to me or I do it all the time & it's completely over my head & I'm...possibly super dumb.
What stuck with me the most about the video was the fact that she had a guy do it for her. It just seemed so...sexist. It seems the only people this will affect are the ones who are already offended by sexism. Though maybe with the political climate being what it is? *sigh. I suppose there is just such a mega tirade of distaste from the polar end. I wish it were more positive & uplifting. Isn't that what the ideal is meant to be?
Ahhh...I'll just delete those 15 paragraphs ;p I'm here to worship Buffy & damn it, that's what I'll do!

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@Gorch, mainsplaining is a man explaining things to a woman in her own field of expertise, whether professionally or in her lived experiences.

Kinda like when a man explains sexism to women.
Nonsense like this is the one thing I'm not a fan of when it comes to Joss. The majority of sexism nowadays comes from so-called "feminists".
Does anyone think this is really going to get more men to listen to a discussion about sexism?

The better way to get men to listen is to raise our sons and daughters in an egalitarian, gender neutral environment with positive role models, and discussions (not lectures) about sexism with kids that are like any other discussions you have with them. My kids and I would discuss Buffy, and the ideas/messages in each episode, because we enjoyed it. They also learned about feminism and sexism through those conversations (as well as non-Buffy ones).
Maybe it's just me but it seems that lately with anything that's related to Joss, the only response is to question it or find all the reasons why he's wrong. The author, Liz Plank, had an idea. She got Joss to help. And I think it's smart because it's true. When women talk about sexism, we are largely ignored. Told we're just being overly sensitive or need to learn to "take a joke".

"The majority of sexism nowadays comes from so-called "feminists"."

Yeah, I'm not even going to touch that one.

@Nebula, raising kids with positive role models is great, but is that going to happen in a vacuum? For more people to even think to do that there needs to be discussion, sexism and how it affects everyone needs to be exposed. Things like this are exactly the way to do it. I mean, people still have strange ideas that most sexism is perpetrated by "feminists" for crying out loud, Sure it's a stunt. But the point of it is to get people talking. Someone else, maybe someone younger who didn't watch Buffy, can use this instead to start a conversation with their kids *now*.
NYPinTA: True. It's not the only way, but adults generally don't listen to things like this unless they choose to do it in the first place. That's not to say that Joss shouldn't have done it. I think it's great that he did, and there is value in it. If I was still teaching, I would totally show him reading the passages to my college classes (all of which dealt with gender issues). Under those captive-audience-with-discussion circumstances, it might cause a couple of people to think. It might expose them to ideas that they may not have grown up with.
I agree that the video was %51 nonsense & the point seemed to be lost within it. I guess Joss just acted in it. He didn't write it. Dark days.
Remember Girl Power? Now everything has to be so offensive, to a point where it's way too easy to dismiss. I watched the video twice. Once out of curiosity & once out of disbelief. I was mostly offended. Just my experience, though.

EDIT: After having come back & reading all these posts, I get it! I completely get it! I don't agree with how it's presented, but I completely get it! The video isn't about it's contents, but what appears in the comments under the video.
Check out ANY youtube video on this or similar subjects and the comments section is right polluted with vile hatred. Apparently a theme to this election is that the Nazi's were really just misunderstood...pffff!
The video is for the people who aren't engaged & can vote against hate, so they will. Respect, Mr. Whedon.

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I'm baffled by what you might find offensive about this video. Is there any doubt that men have an easier time getting their opinions heard than women? This isn't a video reinforcing that, it's one that mocks that idea -- you know, that old technique of satire where you take a real thing and push it to its extremes (in this case, men often get credit for opinions they hold, where women get no credit for same opinion--pushed to the extreme by being literalized, with a man reading a woman's opinions to get credit for them).

I'm sorry if this sounds patronizing or condescending -- I'm just trying to lay out what I see as the intent and method of the video so we can figure out where we're seeing things so vastly differently.
>> @Derf The majority of sexism nowadays comes from so-called "feminists".

And blacks are racist and jews are anti-semitic and the poor are stealing from the rich?
RobynH - Of course not all blacks are racist or jews are anti-semitic. That's a ridiculous statement. Not even all feminists are sexist. It's merely that a large portion are. These feminists define themselves by their hatred of men above all else.

Although the largest racist movement in America right now seems to be the Black Lives Matter organisation. Which spews racial hatred seemingly without consequence. And by far the largest anti-semitic group is far left "social justice warriors" which seem to infest university campuses nowadays and spread their thinly veiled hatred of Jews.
wow... you heard it here folks! Feminists are the real sexists and Black Lives Matter are the real racists.

Wow.... just wow.
Derf - I don't know what you're playing at but wise up. This isn't the place for tossing in inflammatory and rude hate comments. Try the rest of the Internet.

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