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October 04 2016

From 'Buffy' to 'Once': Jane Espenson on creating TV's best female friends. It's a great interview.

Espenson was always my #1 behind Joss. Fury was awesome, Petrie was wicked, but throw in an Espenson script after Noxon was done destroying us with here drama chops?
Band Candy man. Band Candy. I get the giggles just remembering how lame Snyder was. XD
Jane always had interesting things to say with the characters. Such a wonderful voice.

Question: did anyone else note how well Espenson handled Dawn (S5-S6)? She always gave the character moments of self-awareness. Most of the staff seemed to write the character younger than Trachtenberg's age.
I never noticed the Dawn moments but I know her episodes were some off my favorites. And I preferred Dawn positive eps. Jane Espenson is a great screen writer and super generous with helping novice writers. I've seen her at panels and at cons and she's just so nice.

I followed her to Once and what I love is that it's jumped the shark so many times with crazy but still works because of the characterizations. I can usually spot her eps without even looking at the credits because the characters are just so on. She's had misses but she's written some of most important stories for Once.

She also wrote the helmet ep for first season of Game of Thrones. I'm glad this article came out.

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Gosh, I so miss Jane! She knows how to tell a story.

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