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October 11 2016

(SPOILER) Discuss Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 4x03 "Uprising". The episode was written by Craig Titley and directed by Magnus Martens.

Canada's shifted around. I can get it at 7:00 but only on a Halifax feed I think. Might not be able to make it home then for every week but I saw tonight. Otherwise I'd see it same time as you guys.

Yay rudimentary science!

More Ridiculous Holograms TM.

Elena you don't need a dress or heels.

Coulson he's really not that friendly if you met him.

Gabe you aren't wrong but not exactly right either.

If your trying to be an underground group-stop tattooing everybody.

The tag was both obvious and one of the most bizarre in a while.

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Uh. That EMP pulse did not come from Mac's phone, did it???
Well, you know, the Inhumans were all living in peace with humans till SHIELD interfered. Just sayin'.
True NYPinTA except maybe Raiana and the Calvary Incident.
I just love out how TV thinks that anytime a black out happens, everyone instantly turns into cavemen.
I don't think it's Inhumans causing the blackout. I think it's the Watchdogs posing as Inhumans.
In a winter blackout you live like cavemen not that Miami would know that.
@Dusk, even Skye's mother (she was still Skye then... ;P ) acknowledged that was a disaster. That little girl was turned in defiance of how they did things. I'd say if she was the only incident despite Inhumans actually having been around for centuries, that's a much better track record than any normal human group.

I'm blanking on Riana. The "girl in the flower dress"?
@Nebula1400 That makes sense.
Yep. Became Girl In Thorns.
Here, we act like giddy children when there is a blackout. We roast marshmallows over candlelight. Then we happily dance around outside.
The EMP=ploy to out Inhumans so the Watchdogs can mortalize 'em.
Skye's mom was actually right about a lot of things it appears.
Her mom was subjected to extreme cruelty at the hands of humans. You can't blame her.
Oh god I love Fitz.
Yo Yo's friend is a POS.
Oh this is my shocked face.. you put people on a list and suddenly they're targets... I'm so stunned, why didn't anyone think of that before! /END "NYA NYA TOLD YOU SO" RANT.
Fitz can be cool with only a pencil.

Yo Yo's friend needs a large dose of fish oil.
Yeah... I wish I was right this often in real life!
I knew it! Knew the EMP would hit right when they needed to wake May back up.
Somewhere in the world, a new May just activated.
@Nebula1400 Life would make so much more sense if it followed TV rules. ;P
@AndrewCrossett Ha!
Somewhere in the world, a new May just activated.

There can be only one !
Robbie's brother is kind of a dick.
Wonder who is behind all of this ? Can't believe Felix Blake is at the top.
Daisy doesn't seem to be keen to be on the team...

(Sorry. Just felt like rhyming.)

I wouldn't have minded a cameo of Steve Rogers somewhere out in the world rolling his eyes at the news conference though.
Her name is Nadir? As in low point, nadir?
It's time for the weekly research into all things Marvel...
Looks like her brother got killed by terrigen mist and she's kept him preserved. In other words, she's nuts.
Really liked tonight's episode.Not sure what to make of the tag.
Maybe the tag is like Marvel's version of Psycho.
So far, I really like this season. This story feels like it's put together more organically than in the past, though some might argue that Inhumans are GMO's.
Finally watching 3 days late. Only 35 comments here? I guess our ranks are dwindling.

"I like to vet my Vengeance Demons" -- nice hat-tip.

Fitz: super genius and big damn hero. Rudimentary science, saving the day.

Not sure I like having Simmons, despite her training, says lines like "We have to do something! Anything!" I get that characters act out of desperation, but they really shouldn't act out of character.

"Ready when you are, Sliderule."
I think what's going on with the tag/with that senator's brother's husk ? Is that he was transformed into an incorporeal Inhuman (might fit in with the ghost theme that's going on in the B arc of the season as well). So maybe the Terrigen (which is usually administered as a mist!) in whatever fish product he ate turned him into a mist. Creature. Mist-creature. And that's why his cocoon is still intact, because he escaped through its eye sockets or wherever. Or yeah, as someone else here said, he didn't survive the process/it killed him.

Nebula1400 said:
"Robbie's brother is kind of a dick."

As he was on Fear The Walking Dead as well, this past 2nd season that just ended a couple weeks back. Lorenzo James Henry is a good, promising actor, though. Wonder if he'll feature much more in the story this season. The character's taken from the comics, but from what I've read, his disabilities in that version were mental, not physical.

Oh yeah, I've been meaning to ask this for a while now -- when and why did Mack start calling Fitz "Turbo" ? It's irritating. Not clever or endearing, either.

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TimeTravellingBunny, thank-you for the response and the awesomely detailed description of "Repairs" from a couple weeks back in the previous episode's thread. :) Much-appreciated. I didn't get around to visiting Whedonesque again and catching up until just now.

By the way, did anyone else go to the 15-minutes-of-Dr. Strange IMAX preview on Monday ? (I thought it was oddly timed, showing on Thanksgiving Day, until I remembered that I live in Canada and American advertisers don't care about Canadian Thanksgiving, hah) Beautiful-looking film, from what I saw so far. If nothing else, well worth going to the theatre for the visuals alone (and seeing it on the biggest screen possible, and yes even the 3D is worth the extra cost--in IMAX it's bright and clear too, due to the set-up and strict technical mandates, whereas 3D in any other sort of theatre usually results in too dark a picture). But given the cast (Cumbermatch, Swinton, McAddams, and Mads), it should be overall well-rounded with a great story too. Well-acted for sure and hopefully the script was well-penned.

Curious to see what the SHIELD tie-in is this year. And will it be a lead-in and fall-out tie-in like in Season 1's closing eps (I doubt any MCU film will ever again have as much impact on the series as Winter Soldier did...Civil War is the next to have come the closest, so apparently it's all about the Cap films because they're the most SHIELD-y out of all pf 'em). ? A fallout-only/post-movie tie-in like in the early part of Season 1, post-Thor 2 ?

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