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October 12 2016

(SPOILER) Details and cover art for Dark Horse's Buffy, Angel, and Serenity comics out in January. Buffy Season 11 #3, Angel Season 11 #1, and Serenity: No Power in the 'Verse #4 are all out that month.

A couple of things.

1)According to this both Buffy and Angel will be coming out on the same day with new issues(Jan.18).

2)There is a third Angel # 1 cover.I wonder if they are doing deleted scene covers like Buffy this season?This cover feels like it.

3)What's going on in Buffy sounds a little like the Superhero Registration Act from Marvel's Civil War and The Sokovia Accords in the MCU as seen in Captain America Civil War and currently on Agents Of Shield(last night's episode was heavy on this issue and sounds like a big part of this season)

4)Larger versions of the Buffy covers can be seen at CBR.

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