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October 13 2016

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: the forgotten greatest comic story. Den of Geek reveals its love for the Jane Espenson penned tale "Reunion".

Jane Espenson is still one of my favorite writers. Her spot on humor and one liners are the best! Her work with BtVS was wonderful.

Mark my words, if there's ever a BtVS remake, they better grab Jane!
My favorite Jane Espenson-penned Buffy comic was titled "Haunted", I think, and was either released as four comics first and then collected in trade paperback, or only ever a trade paperback/graphic novel (the one I have). It bridged the gap between Seasons 3 and 4. Couldn't be read until after having seen Season 4 (too many spoilers for 4 and wouldn't mean as much until you'd seen Season 4 and gotten to know its Initiative characters).

Maybe Jane wrote some good Season 8 material as well, I forget.

That "Reunion" one-shot was forgettable (I'd forgotten about it until now), but I don't remember it featuring a metaphor about gossip. Maybe it went over my head at the time and I owe it a re-read.

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