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October 13 2016

(SPOILER) Agents of SHIELD 4x04 Sneak Peek "Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire." Never trust something too good to be true in the housing market.

Kinda love the title to this. The literal interpretation, the gooey emotional meaning, and the relating-to-Ghost-Rider meaning. It's pretty and also speaks to the whole interconnectedness-of-all-things bit of interest (IMO) that the show touched on with Hive last season and the frankly beautiful end that he and Lincoln faced in the space shuttle while looking out at Earth and everyone on it.

Great little snippet too. Aw, they're so cute -- wouldn't it be nice if one of them didn't die by series' end ? (it'll be Fitz if it's either of 'em, though -- they already put Simmons through hell on the blue-lit death planet and I think Ian plays pain and anguish just a bit better than Henstridge does). Could've sworn I heard a bit of Daisy's awesome "What We Become" score music/theme peaking through at the end there too.

I like this season just fine so far, but I'm eager to move past the Watchdogs and either delve more into the background on the "ghosts" or wrap that one up quick as well. I wanna see what else they have in store for us this year, whether it continues to involve Ghost Rider or not.

If they do keep the Watchdogs around for the entire season, hopefully they bring back Blake (surprised his name hasn't come up again in the dialogue).

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