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April 13 2004

Bring Amy Home, lifesize poster of Amy Acker from the WB site.

Looks like she has a run in her stocking.
Being a superhero is hard on the pantyhose, I guess. ;)
Someone should take all those life-size posters and make some kind of hybrid WB actor or just a hybrid Angel actor. Might be creepy or impossible or i'm just insane.
Yay! maybe someone at the wb was reading our comments last week. Now all I need is a new color cartridge, and a shitload of selotape n' blu tack.

That's a nice picture they picked too, havent seen that one before.

[ edited by Ghost Spike on 2004-04-14 00:38 ]
Um, isn't it a little late for this? Fred is dead. The show is dead. My will to live ... *sobs*
The poster is of Amy Acker, who currently is very much alive. ;)
Her leg probably says "Amy Acker - Angel." No run. Weird place to put the text, though.
Man, now I wish I hadn't wasted so much color ink on my girlfriend's printer already. Otherwise, that would definitely be going on my wall...

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