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October 14 2016

Vincent Kartheiser is the new younger, 'sexier' Colonel Sanders. I guess they ran out of comedians.

Think the first pic is kinda cool, but the others look a little false and plastic. Kartheiser's a little too cherub-faced to play Sanders (even a younger version), IMO. Oh well, whatever, it's a cheesy ad campaign.

Good, undoubtedly profitable gig, so good on him for winning it, but anyone remember this actor's earlier interviews (from the time he was working on Angel or just before it) when he spoke about living in a shack of his own making and going without power and just kinda loving it? Being all boho and free-spirited and whatnot ? Seems like the Vincent of then would've scoffed at a grown up version of himself doing this. Not that anyone of that mindset can have that mindset or idealism while working in mainstream media and escape hypocrisy anyway -- even being on a network TV series back then, he was still technically helping to sell anything that was advertised during the commercial breaks.

Not judging/criticizing -- I work in film & TV myself and have had to compromise on previously held convictions in favour of making a living and working on certain productions -- just pondering the nature of growing up and arguably selling out. The dollar usually wins. :\
What? What? What?
Hah, Simon is that directed at the nuttyness of the actor nabbing this role, or my post ?
I can't get past the title. It's one of the oddest entries I've ever seen here.
Colonel Sander played as a petulant, sulking, whiny, (but superpowered) young adult.
This is bound to end well.

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