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October 16 2016

Buffy Summers is one of Entertainment Weekly's 50 most powerful superheroes. Characters were rated in Cultural Impact, Bankability, Design, Modern Relevance, Mythology, Nemeses, Originality, Personality, and Powers categories. Buffy beat quite a lot of well known names.

#11 - not bad. I'm impressed that Wonder Woman is #1!
4.0 in design?! That's just mean!
Of the top 15 heroes, Buffy's the only one who isn't currently appearing on tv or in the movies. If she ever does return to the small or silver screen, then that will be an interesting day indeed.
I also note that Buffy's pretty high up considering her weakness in the design and powers categories; she's the second-lowest in both out of the top twenty. Originality and Personality are her strong suits; there she's second-highest, period.

(But then, we knew that already, didn't we?)

Yeah. Losing to WW and Spider-man in those last two categories is no shame, and considering she hasn't been on a screen for over a decade, this is a truly impressive showing.
In what world does Wonder Woman have more "modern relevance" than Spider-Man?

The effort for this lists to appear more analytical makes the BS even more apparent.
Just give it time, Simon. I think it's well deserve to see Gal Gadot as #1. About time we had a Wonder Woman movie.
Buffy and Invisible Woman both have a Design Index of 4.0?
I leave it to others to draw meaning from that parallel.

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