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October 17 2016

A new video from Save the Day called "Weatherman". The clip stars Keegan-Michael Key and a familiar Whedonverse face.

and take a real close look at the anchorman.
I thought that was him, but he looks so goofy!!!
There's also a behind the scenes video from the first Save the Day video for those interested in seeing Joss directing some of the featured actors from that.
There is not a single thing that Donald Trump has promised to do that Hillary Clinton has not taken part in as a part of the Obama administration or promised to do in her administration.

I ask people to name an issue on which Donald Trump has said something vile and I can show how Hillary Clinton promises to do some thing awful on that issue.

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Grab them by the pussy?
I realize that it's hard NOT to start debating politics here since this project is all about the election and Save the Day does indeed have a political agenda...but I worry that our happy Whedonesque could quickly become a turbulent place if we go there. While difficult it may be, I think we should keep the comments focused on the work itself. There are plenty of other places we can go online if we really want to have political discussions.
Indeedy. Enver's great in this, reminded me of Previously on Point Dume.
The work itself was quite amusing until the dig at 3rd party voters at the end. That will inevitably have the opposite of the intended effect. Joss showing his inexperience in the political arena there.

Ouch, just been reading through the comments on the video. A cautionary tale of celebrities telling people how to vote. The videos telling people the importance of voting are one thing, but when you start telling them WHO to vote for or NOT vote for you lose people.

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@gossi choosing a vp who has pushed laws to limit a woman's right to choose while governor of Virginia? Who continued to talk about his difference on Clinton in this issue even after being selected vp?

It's weird that after taking in the title of "first woman president" that she doesn't talk more about the harmful impact of sexual violence in response to her opponents visciousness. She has exploited it for campaign fodder in her campaign commercials but hasn't generated a deeper conversation that would actually help to change the shape of how society views sexual violence and its impact on victims.

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/ comment withdrawn.

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As a comedy video, it's good.

As propaganda, I don't how how calling climate change deniers morons (which they are) and Jill Stein supporters thoughtless asses going to bring anyone to vote for Hillary Clinton.

@gossi, I have to admit I laughed at your first comment.
Good stuff, thanks for posting Jelly. And glad to see gossi's still got it! (I laughed at your comment, too.)
We can't avoid political discussion in a thread about a political commercial. But we can avoid being disrespectful, such as calling people voting for a certain candidates names.
Sunfire, maybe someone should have told Joss that. Haven't you watched the video?
Although I'd have liked to see Wastelanders, it's good to see Joss has finally returned to the post-apocalyptic genre. It could have used more hyperbole though. It's a bit too realistic for my taste.
Toivo, I have indeed. Have you read our site rules?
Sunfire, is quoting Joss's own work "you voted for Jill Stein, you thoughtless ass" now against the site rules?

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Note: This isn't trying to win over voters to Hillary; this is trying to get Hillary voters to vote.
This video is definitely playing to the base. It was great to see Enver in something again. I miss him on my TV!

I admit I laughed at Gossi's comment too. :)
Toivo, it was a general reminder since the thread seemed likely to go in that direction soon. You seem to be looking for an argument though, so you can cool your heels a bit.
Toivo & Tausif: I'm in your corner, but I'm not saying any more. I don't feel free to explain why, but I thank both of you for your integrity. (I'm just killing time before Agents of SHIELD comes on, and then I can talk about this all I want in real life, and sort of on Facebook, where I made new friends over this issue.)

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I applaud any celebrity willing to stand up for what he or she believes in, and who uses whatever media they wish to send out that message. People still need to make up their own mind, and while I doubt that anyone will change a vote simply because a celebrity they admire advocates for one person or another, that celebrity did not have to do that. Joss is taking a stand; it happens to be one with which I agree. But even did I not, I would support his right to take that stand no matter what.
Wesbi, that's exactly it. Plus, I think the campaign targets undecideds who might be influenced by celebrities they admire. We can't judge the video by YouTube comments. In studies of reader/viewer comments to media, men comment more than women and disgruntled people comment more. Also, polls show men are much less likely to support Hillary. (I'm a retired journalist.)

Toivo, I'm sure Joss has gotten political advice on his videos. He is not inexperienced in feminist and progressive politics.

Joss has shown integrity in his support of Hillary because a number of his liberal/leftist celebrity male friends did not support her in the primary. He alludes to that in his Tumblr love letter to her. Nor it is a lack of integrity for his friends to choose Hillary over a third-party candidate in the general election. For example, I want more affordable health care. I will vote for a person who I think can accomplish that, instead of voting for someone who offers more but cannot get their plan passed.

An interesting discussion along these lines is here.
Well said, Suzie.
If Joss thinks the line "you voted for Jill Stein, you thoughtless ass" is the way to persuade anyone to vote for Hillary, more power to him.

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