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April 13 2004

(SPOILER) Whedon_Teleplays With ANGEL 5.22. "We all figured he'd be too busy prepping his first feature, but I guess we figured wrong."

"Jeffrey Bell was going to write and direct the ďAngelĒ finale by himself, but now Buffiverse mastermind Joss Whedonís name has joined Bellís on the teleplay credit."

Also shows who exactly guests in the last eps.

Sorry I couldn't get the 'SPOILER' in red. The standard SPOILER didn't seem to work in the title area. It just typed out the html code.
You tick the spoiler box when you post. You don't have to write 'spoiler' yourself.

This news was kind of posted here earlier this week.
Well I checked the headlines and this wasn't to be found anywhere. I don't read spoilerslayer stuff so I hadn't seen that.

Missed that Spoiler button, ahem.....

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Thanks for the article post EdDantes!!!
Can someone tell me what exactly is a Teleplay? Sorry if I sound ignorant...
I agree, a good post. Hercules saying "A Hole in the World" is the best Angel produced is nuts! Am I the only one who is still P.O.'d about the shot of Angel and Spike basking in the sunlight streaming through their Leer jet windows? That episode created a hole in "my" world.
A play written or adapted for television. Thats the definition I found when I looked it up.
vpecoraro-- Since the jet was owned by W&H, it probably has the same necro-tempered glass that the office building has. That way, the vamps wouldn't burn up no matter how shiny the sun is.

So, yes, you probably are the only one who is still P.O'd.
Ah, was finally able to register in here. Greetings from Finland :)

Vpecoraro, this is just a guess, but I would assume the windows in their W&H Gulfstream/Lear Jet (or some other corporate private jet) are that same magically tinted glass that is used in their office building.
I guess that would explain it but it was played so weird. I watched and rewatched that scene on tivo and kept getting a big "screw you purists, Angel needs a sunbeam" vibe from it.
Angel's cars are that way too. Or they sure as hell need to be, because in "Unleashed" he drove Nina home during a bright and sunshiny day.

Several times this year they've had Angel and/or Spike staring out the windows, looking thoughtful. I doubt the writers meant to screw the purists, they just want the soul vamps to brood at the sunlight.
Nice one, glad he's involved. I was kinda hoping he would be :).

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