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October 21 2016

15 stars you forgot appeared on Angel. Enjoy this trip down memory lane.


Good list, although I think this has a broader definition of the word "star" than I would normally apply.
No mention of Vinnie VanLowe from Veronica Mars for Ken Marino? Shameful.
I still don't know who 4 of them are, so it's not really a case of forgetting. The others most of us knew, because we've probably all watched every episode far more than once or twice.
Only about half of these people are famous enough to warrant this "back before they were famous" thing. And if you're casting the net wide, why aren't T.J. Thyne from Bones or Lee Arenberg from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and Once Upon a Time on this list?

What's more, Tony Todd isn't an A-lister, but he was already the level of famous he is now when he appeared on Angel. Candyman, Star Trek, Night of the Living Dead, all of that was long before his stint on Angel.

*grumble grumble*
@NineWheels: Well, the title is "15 stars you forgot appeared on Angel", not people who would go on to become stars. I doubt that many people remember that Tony Todd was on Angel, since he was under heavy makeup, and I don't think the role was incredibly memorable.

@Jjsquid: I'm annoyed that they didn't mention either Veronica Mars or Agent Carter for Marino, and that they didn't mention Tony Todd's memorable role as adult Jake Sisko on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "The Visitor".
@TimeTravellingBunny The title doesn't say it, but the article refers to them as "future stars".
Fun list down memory lane, but that website is super annoying. As I was scrolling various videos would just start playing and the scrolling would freeze. At least they didn't make you click a brand new page for each actor.

There were a few I was actually surprised to find out. I had no idea that Sam Witwer had been on the show. I did know that the actress that had played 'electric girl' had been in one of the Riddick movies. I recall being confused by her character since what she could do had nothing to do with the supernatural. Angel was a world of vampires, ghosts, and demons. And then comes this girl that's more like a mutant or belonged in a superhero comic. I liked her. She could have been a cool spin off, IMO.

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Nobody who's a fan of the show has ever forgotten Daniel or Alexa. Christina I'll grant. Jeremy, well his appearance as Penn is the sole reason I bought *The Hurt Locker*, two boring hours I'll never get back. Don't know who these other folks are. (On Facebook I said "other cl**ns" but I know we don't like that language here.) And I also complained about missing TJ Thyne.

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You...don't know who Summer Glau is? o.O
Grack21 Didn't realize she was in there. She belonged in my first sentence. And dang but I wish Universal would cast Summer as the wife in Werewolf Of Boston, torn between Eliza and Clare, and in danger of being torn up if she sees Eliza during the full moon.

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