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October 23 2016

(SPOILER) Sneak peek at Charisma Carpenter on 'Lucifer'. Her episode airs tomorrow night on Fox.

Good to see Charisma again! If they made her a regular it would be a reason to start watching that show regularly. As it is, I will try to catch that episode.
Kind of glad her character had no possibility of becoming recurring; I'd watched an early episode, wasn't much impressed, then watched last night and liked it less. Have to give them props for being up-front; Supernatural and even the Buffyverse gradually introduced the big mythologies, whereas this has apparently thrown the whole metaphysics out in plain sight from the get-go.
Charisma was fine in a too-stereotypical role. Mark Dacascos (from AoS among others) was the standout among the guests in this episode... very different character from others I have seen by him.
I loved Lucifer's snarky comment about a brooding angel in a trench coat. Pretty sure that was a shoutout.

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