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October 19 2002

"It will be very interesting to see how this year goes" A huge Marti Noxon interview up at (more spoilerish than actual spoilers)

One of the things I really love about BtVS is from a quote by MN: "Sometimes we just want to do something about a big, giant monster."
I love reading Marti's interviews as she always gives good copy and I love her gift for understatement.

"Where do you think you tripped last year?
Sometimes I feel like we hit the same note a little bit too much with the bummed-out Buffy"

A little bit too much?
It's in good hands. I heard people bitch and moan all summer about season six whereas I personally enjoyed what they were doing and appreciated their efforts. Season six literally brought me back to Buffy after leaving it in season four. I think Noxon gets a bad rep sometimes from people. It's good to read that she's not dwelling in the Internet world. I've seen some harsh words said about her. How season six was bad because she was more at the helm than Joss. I don't see how season six was bad at all. Bad things happened to the characters, but they kept us guessing, which is what a good tv show does.

It's in good hands. Be they Whedon's or Noxon's or both. I'm all warm and tingly. =)
ME and the press try to make it out the complaints were about the show's 'darkness', but in fact the bigger and most articulate criticism of the show's Season 6 was about low production values, bad execution, flat acting and bad pacing. In fact the darkness is what people like about the show, S2 and S3 were dark, they are the most popular seasons. The criticims was about it being badly executed dark, bad writing, the 'magic = addiction' crap, etc. So far for S7 those same critics are liking it a bit better, but pacing is still a big issue.

I'm just reporting what I hear on other boards, though, I don't watch Buffy on that level myself. I'm still a happy little fan and enjoy most of what I see. I may not like some of the storylines, but I won't complain too much about it. I don't notice production values and I usually don't notice when the Scoobs are out of character, etc. I did notice the pacing and the magic addiction baloney got on my nerves. S4/5/6 does not do as much for me as S1/2/3 did. So far, I'm digging S7... can't wait till early tomorrow morning for my S7x05 download.

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