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October 25 2016

Buffy the HD Remaster version: Framing Comparisons for Season 1. Sunnydale Archives have done a similar video for Buffy Season 2 as well.

I can't believe this garbage is now on Netflix, they made the show look like amateur crap. It's beyond insulting to Joss and to the fans.
Why hasn't this been fixed? It's been 2 years for God's sake!
The HD scans of the film elements presumably still exist (2.5 petabytes of data wouldn't be casually deleted!), so all that needs redoing is the extraction (reframing) of each shot (and correcting the thousands of day-for-night mistakes). Joss doesn't need to donate a million bucks to save Buffy. This is probably a hundred thousand bucks, for one editor to fix what the no-name company broke.

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