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October 25 2016

James Marsters talks about the fans, Vidiots, Once Upon a Time, and more. One tidbit - his appearance on the Once Upon a Time DVD extra was filmed by Jane Espenson (her directorial debut).

It's a crime this man never made it big, he played Spike so well, he should be a much more popular charater actor. I've often wondered what actors might play the roles of the buffyverse if it did (god forbid) get rebooted, and I've always figured that as much as it would pain me, my favourite characters Willow, Xander and Giles could be recast (but never with as much heart or life as the originals). I imagine Olivia Cooke playing a good Willow. But besides all that, I can never imagine ANYONE ever playing Spike other than James. He brought a unique attitude to it that I haven't seen in any other character in tv or film. Sure you could maybe throw Tom Hiddleston at it or something, and he'd be good, but he'd never be Spike. Man I wish he'd hadthe chance to star in a Spike spinoff and become best mates with Willow. Would've been best show ever.
Yeah, whenever I try to come up with a new rebooted fancast for Buffy (just for fun! I would never actually want a Buffy reboot!), Spike proves most difficult to cast. I can think of actors who would make a good Angel or Faith or maybe even Buffy, but Spike is really difficult.

Maybe the reason Marsters hasn't had a bigger career is that he just isn't ambitious as an actir? He seems content touring with his band and taking an occasional guest starring role. He can probably make a decent living out of the latter and his con appereances.

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Yeah agreed, who would be your picks for Angel and Faith? Or the rest of the gang out of interest! I'd hate to see a reboot (I'd rather something new but with similarly great characters from Joss) but it's always a bit of fun thinking about what it might look like. My problem is aside from my pick for Willow I can never think of young enough actors for the roles, so I end up thinking about Chris Pratt for Xander or silly stuff like that...

And yeah I think you're right about Marsters, he doesn't seem to mind keeping his career chill. Plus I get to see him at cons here in Australia all the time.
LOL Don't do this to me! I haven't actually thought about it as much, it's more of a case of occasionally thinking "hey, this actor/actress could work as this character" and in some cases it's more of "back when they were younger". Most of the people I could think of aren't age appropriate, either. Still, I guess 30-something playing a teenager is a bit too much (unless you're one of the eternally teenage-looking people like Alexis Bledel). For instance, years ago when Kristen Bell was young-looking enough to pass for a teenager and played Veronica Mars, she struck me as a good alternative Buffy.

Is the Angel actor is allowed to be in his early 30s and look it? Considering the Dawson casting of teenagers, where they're usually played by people in their mid to late 20s (which happened on Buffy as well), that should be OK. And it's not like the Bangel relationship is not supposed to be creepy, what with him being a few centuries old. I'd still have trouble coming up with actors currently young enough or young-looking enough to play the teenage cast, though.

I'd go for someone geekier looking for Xander than Chris Pratt, anyway (at least not the current Chris Pratt).

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