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October 31 2016

You probably know more about Buffy than Sarah Michelle Gellar does. Watch Sarah Michelle Gellar play Buffy the Vampire Slayer trivia and totally fail.

Fun video. I don't think she did that badly. Some of those questions were hard! I did think it was funny she guessed "burnt sienna" before "yellow".

And yes, I would have gotten more of them right, but I'm an obsessive fan. That's what we do.
Wow, I think she did quite well to be honest! Wouldn't call that a failure..
Hmm. I think if Sarah were to [re]watch Lover's Walk, she'd be pleasantly surprised at what a great show she was part of.

But which episode had the fake Latin word for evil/creepy things in it? I don't remember that at all, and I used to know all the dialog verbatim, or so I thought.

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I can't even remember what I did in work last week. So kudos to her for getting some questions right.
She did well, though it was funny that she couldn't guess that line from Lovers Walk. I had no idea about Ryan Reynolds. But I'm going to believe SMG on that one.
She did nothing as egregious as spelling "Xander" with a "Z."
mozzarellademon, I think phlebotinum (or however it's spelled) comes from behind the scenes material like commentaries, not from an episode. (Unless it showed up in an episode as well?)

So how any times was the theme tune re-worked? I know of one, not counting Once More With Feeling.
i think it was re-recorded for s3
I think she did pretty well, this was definitely far from a "failure."
Why are the guys that spelled Xander with a Z giving her slack?

She's great!
She doesn't strike me as the type to rewatch the series after being in it, so apart from the Spike line, she got the ones I hoped she'd get. The rest was more behind-the-scenes stuff she might not have been paying as much attention to.
This is like when a game designer plays his game against other players and gets his butt whipped. It happens. Fans will always know certain aspects of what they love more than the people involved in creating it

That's part of the beauty of art, it grows beyond its creators.
Angel&Faith, as another instance of this, I recall an interview that Ira Glass did with Joss some years ago in which Ira was geeking out at full intensity over various Buffy episodes, and I think Joss was rather hard put to keep up with him. It's different when it's Joss, since his brain is the organizing force for several whole universes.
She did quite well, I think; and I kind of think her 'not remembering' the yellow crayon bit was just her joking around, because she managed to rattle off almost every color BUT yellow, so I think she knew what she was doing there.
If you think about it, not knowing the yellow crayon line sort of makes sense: It's a pivotal scene, yes, but not for Sarah's character. She wasn't in that scene! I think Alyson Hannigan and Nicholas Brendon would remember the colour, but I've come to understand that the shooting days were long and gruelling as it was, and I doubt the actors had much time or energy to read and memorise scenes they weren't even in.

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