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October 31 2016

The ten greatest Halloween TV episodes ever. Find out which Buffy episode made this Guardian list.

My personal choice for best Buffy Halloween episode would be Halloween from Season 2, which I would consider to be one of the best Buffy episodes...although my opinion would be influenced slightly by it being the first episode I ever saw.
That's an interesting first episode to see. Good episode too.
I love all the Halloween episodes and plan to spend my evening rewatching them (it's a tradition), but I do have special love for Fear Itself.
I have a special affection for 'Halloween' because when I watch it I get early-Buffy nostalgia. But as an overall episode I love Fear, Itself. Season Four gets criticised a lot for having a less interesting season arc, but its standalone storytelling is incredible and Fear, Itself is a great example.

Plus you have to credit them for introducing Anya's bunny fear as a one-off gag and then developing it right through to her backstory.

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I like Fear Itself better than Halloween, because Halloween has the ridiculous concept of Buffy turning into a brainless, helpless idiot the moment she is turned into an 18th century noblewoman. That would work only if we were supposed to understand that she's turning into a sexist caricature that people imagine women of that time to have been, rather than that women of that time were actually like that. But unfortunately, Angel's (jerka$$) comment at the end confirms that we're actually supposed to despise the women of the past, or at least noblewomen, for supposedly not doing anything except looking pretty - which is inaccurate, noblewomen had important political and social functions, like running the household or holding public events that weren't just fun and games but important socially and politically (and don't get me started on all the women from middle and lower classes who did a lot of various hard work, and who are totally ignored here) - and despise them for not having the career opportunities or education opportunities or the right to vote that modern women do, which is absurd, extremely sexist and victim-blaming. As if it was the women of the past' fault that they were supposedly stupid and weak, not the fault of the patriarchal system keeping them down.

It's a strangely anti-feminist and sexist moment in an otherwise smart and feminist show.
Huh, I never thought of that, TimeTravellingBunny. Good call. I get that they were using the costume and its effects with the spell to dumb Buffy down/damselfy/depower her so that she wouldn't be the one to save the day that episode, that it was a writer's shortcut to get her there, but I never considered how inaccurate a portrayal it was or how unfair it was to women of the past.
I like the Halloween episode from Season Six ("All the Way") that had the old guy in it who says "Hands...hands are nice, could always use more hands..." That old guy rocked that episode, even though his menace was just a mislead.
I like Fear itself. But I like Halloween in Season 2 more. The moment when Ghost of Willow shows up in the library and Giles reaction makes me laugh no matter how often I have seen it.

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