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November 01 2016

(SPOILER) Discuss Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 4x06 "The Good Samaritan". The episode was written by Jeffrey Bell and directed by Billy Gierhart.

Canada report, I missed the first 10 minutes though:

Gabe seems a little naive but based on the info he had it makes sort of sense too.

Jeffery might be a bit shady but his actions here make sense.

Heh. Star Wars and Fox News references.

I think they wrote the ending with the break next week in mind.

I'm assuming the tag was a movie scene as Canada got ripped off again...

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Sort of dread the upcoming part of the schedule with all the skipped weeks.
What is the schedule like coming up?
Election day is next week. (Maybe I should be moving to Canada then...)

No clue about the following weeks.
Howday. So tonight we find out about Ghost Rider!
Aw. He had such good intentions.
Annnnnnnd he went to evil just like that. "It's mine!"
Oh. So the new Director is an idiot. Good times.
This the last show till Nov 29th.
The Darkhold is addictive and makes people evil, like the One Ring. That's why former humanitarian scientist Lucy also doesn't care who dies.
OK I missed the part about Simmons, careful Jeffery, Nadeer hats all Inhumans so you too.

And yes the flashbacks are going with 'Back In The Day'. Mildly annoying IMO.
29th? Why so long? Election Day and then?
Nice rant, Fitz.

I think that Fitz is the only one that can be both focused on his own issues and productive at the same time without negatively effecting the rest of the team... even when he was obsessed with rescuing Simmons. Unless I'm forgetting something.
Fitz was even focused when neurologically impaired, so yeah.
There is a David Blaine special on the 15th. I don't know about the 22nd... probably because it's Thanksgiving week.
08th Election
15th David Blaine Special
22nd DWTS Fall Finale 2 hours
Preempted by a celebrity dancing competition?
Wow. Robbie doesn't mess around.

EDIT: I meant Gabe here. (It was when he told Robbie not to put the blood of the 5th Street Locos on him, etc.)

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Pretty sure the Director knows that trick...
Oh look, he does.
The director is a dick.
I'm kinda hoping Ghost Rider kicks some ass here, because I'm really really frustrated with the new Director at the moment.
Thinking that motorcycle Ghost Rider was Johnny Blaze. The MCU version, that is, not the Nic Cage version.
Magic-1 SHIELD Tech-0 Learn from the Initiative guys, magic usually kicks science's ass.

Poor Phil, lost the semantics game.

So was it Johnny Blaze?

[ edited by Dusk on 2016-11-02 03:36 ]
@Nebula1400 Yup. And he's projecting like hell. He's lying about something, he got caught (twice), and now he's throwing around his power just to cover it up, and it's going to put even more people in danger.
Agent Carter reference!
Wait... I thought that thing in him only went after people who deserved it? So, does this mean the new Director has some other secrets that made Ghost Rider want him dead, beyond how upset Robbie was?
I'm loving the Peggy Carter shoutouts this season.
"Back in the day"? Ha. Well that's specific.
@NYPinta-Possible but if that's true May would be a target too since nobody knows *she* killed the little girl in Bahrain. It may just be the Rider was angry they were blocking his getting to Lucy.
I don't think it just goes after people that did bad things, I think it judges intent. It started to go after Daisy (which she wanted) but then walked away from her, as if it judged her not to be someone that required his vengeance.
Kind of wonder if the director was the previous Ghost Rider.
True though it could go either way since the girl was a warped Inhuman but still just a girl and none of them know May was the one who did it.
Roxxon was from Agent Carter too, wasn't it?

In the comics, both the Ghost Rider power and the Darkhold come from the devil Mephisto. (AKA Satan)
I'm guessing the motorcycle version of GR is no longer a possibility in the MCU outside of a historical appearance.
Maybe the director is Mephisto, then.

References to Agent Carter are all cool, but I would rather have the show back.
It *might* be the same building that Whitney Frost got her powers and everything...
Oh, nice Mack!
Oh crud. He's evil too.
And this is where Canada cut off. I saw Eli show off his carbon power and then credits. Someone fill me in please?

[ edited by Dusk on 2016-11-02 03:56 ]
This is not going well.
I bet they do a Dr. Strange preview after the break...
Uncle Eli for big bad of S4.
It's a look at Dr. Strange, Dusk.
Hey! I actually saw the trailer on the ABC feed! Thanks Nebula and NYPINTA anyway.

[ edited by Dusk on 2016-11-02 04:00 ]
Yeah, that's all. Just the Doctor Strange clip and then saying AoS will be back on the 29th.
What/who is Uncle Eli becoming?
If Mephisto is involved, he'll probably be the Final Boss of the season. The ultimate Big Bad. He's an A-level supervillain.

AFAIK, Marvel now has the rights to all versions of Ghost Rider.
Happy 3 weeks off everyone. Some of you may have even moved up here by then!
Mephisto seems waaaay too big for AoS.
Can't they preempt the election, instead?
Maybe Director Mace is an Agent of M.E.P.H.I.S.T.O.
First,the show is on break until Nov. 29th?I figured it would be off for next week due to the election(The Flash is off too) but it's disappointing that it's off for a couple of weeks.

Anyway,really loved tonight's episode.Might be my favorite of the season so far.

My first thought was that was Johnny Blaze in the flashback.

Nice Agent Carter tie-in.Especially for watchers of season 2 of the show.

Uncle Eli being a baddie isn't a surprise IMO given the comics.This is a nice rwist on how he is a baddie that's different from the comic.

Great cliffhangers for the break too.
I believe one of the writers confirmed that was Johnny Blaze. I believe the directors identy has been confirmed also but as the show isn't there yet I won't spoil it here.
Much more likely that Mephisto would stay offstage on the show. He's probably feature film material. Though if they have no plans to use him in the movie, it's possible he could be on the show. He prefers to operate more by subtle means than by blasting away, so if they go that route he wouldn't necessarily be overpowered for the show.
Did the second Ghost Rider (of modern times -- I know one of the past Ghost Riders rode a horse as well), Danny Ketch, drive a motorcycle as well ? Couldn't the one who gave Robbie his powers have been Ketch, instead of Johnny Blaze ?

Which one of them had a bullet hole in their skull ? Because I noticed that on this Ghost Rider's head. Nice touch in making the "original" Rider have a normal person skull too, as opposed to Robbie's skull with all the lines/see-through grooves in it.

Good origin, but I'm beyond ready for the payoff on all this. So spoiled by Netflix marathons (and in the past, DVD marathons and stuff on OnDemand). Just about to start the last few episodes of Daredevil Season 2 now, then resume Luke Cage from episode 5 (I got a bit confused about viewing order -- some people had said that the two overlap and I tried to figure it out). After that, aside from Dr. Strange, no MCU viewing until end of November. :\ So maybe Westworld instead ?

Loved the Zero Matter/Agent Carter Season 2 references. Can AoS also tie up the stinger from that series ? Was it Vernon Masters ("Red" from That '70s Show) who killed Jack (Chad Michael Murray) ?

I see we're not getting a TIMED tie-in this year. Doesn't seem like Dr. Strange will have happened when we get back from break. Unless, due to time travel, Dr. Strange happens in and amongst multiple seasons of AoS and possibly even before it ? I love the TV-to-movie-to-TV "real time" crossovers, though.

So all who were in the building and hit by that power wave are now in Ghost Boxes, right ?

[ edited by Kris on 2016-11-02 17:13 ]
Could I just shoot someone with my .45 colt now please?

I aim low, just a maim shot. Pretty please!! Now I know why Alice went nuts. Poor girl.
@Kris: That's how it seems re the ghost boxes.
This felt more like a Whedony episode than most. The little bits of humor ("Back in the Day") and some word play gave it that feel.
@Kris @Nebula-Lucy and the others were in the chamber when ghosted. Coulson, Fitz and Robbie were not. Don't think they are necessarily in the Boxes now.
Jeffrey Bell wrote the episode, so a veteran of Whedony world play.
The Darkhold was not created by Mephisto in the comics; it was made by Chthon, one of the Elder Gods who wrote down all of the knowledge of his people.

Mephisto is responsible for Johnny Blaze becoming Ghost Rider. Also for taking away Peter Parker and Mary Jane's marriage, but that's a whole other bag of bullsh*t not relevant here.
I wanna say, given the Agent Carter tie-in, and the specific mention of Zero Matter/Darkforce, that everyone caught in the blast is invisible and out of phase, like Jason Wilkes, the black scientist who got caught in the peripheral of the explosion at Isodyne. Just a theory. So, similar to "ghosting" but different?

Wild speculation, but makes for an easy resolution if they have records of how he got better. Fitz can have them fixed up no time.
@Andrew Crossett: Yep, Roxxon was the company run by the super-sleazy Hugh Jones aka Ray Wise (aka Leland Palmer aka the Devil).

Regarding this season, I really like Gabriel Luna as Robbie Reyes, and I like Gabe as a character and that he isn't cutting any slack to his big bro... but I'm getting a bit concerned that Daisy has lately been reduced to a supporting character in the Ghost Rider story. Although it's just been for the last couple of episodes, so maybe it's too soon for worry, but I liked her dynamic with Robbie/GR better at the beginning when it was a two-way character interaction with character moments for her, too.

For that matter, all other main characters are in an even bigger need for some sort of character development or arc. At the moment, only Simmons seems likely to be getting one.

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