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November 02 2016

Thirty of TV's most triumphant, heartening moments. Two classic Buffy scenes feature on this Den of Geek list.

Lots of turbo-scrolling for me, since didn't watch any of those shows except BtVS and Frazier (and never saw that ep.) But have to agree on the choices.
I was never all that taken with the moment in "Prom" because my brain couldn't jump over the hurdle of "Wait, HOW MANY fellow students are aware of what she is or that she's saved their asses? And why is it only ever acknowledged in this episode?" (exception: Jonathan, who'd been through some supernatural shit with the gang at times and been saved from himself in "Earshot"). It's the same as the conceit of the town's general forgetfulness or acceptance of the weirdness (move far, FAR away, already!), you just kinda have to go with it, but for me it undercut the Prom moment. Plus it was a bit too saccharine.

Points to that list for including the FUTURAMA finale. Hilarious series, but tons of beautiful, poignant moments and episodes as well. A few if 'em made me cry. It's that good. You gotta get about halfway to all the way through Season 1 to start seeing the really good stuff, though.

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Kris :I *guess* the point was having the Slayer right there in school with them helped the students, even those not involved with stuff, to overcome Sunnydale Denial Itis.
Well, by the 3rd season closer, you know that they all know what Buffy has done, because all the students are on board with joining in on the grand battle against the Mayor. This is after all, a school where when a student gets pissed off, he goes and finds hellhounds to train, so it's not like a big secret that weird shit happens.

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