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November 02 2016

Joss interviewed on The Young Turks. The interview took place roughly around 9:30 pm EDT.

Worlds collide! Don't freak out! Also, hi Nebula. *waves*

Spooky, I mentioned TYT on a whedonesque FB post earlier.

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Hey, Toivo! Worlds collide, indeed. My son alerted me just shortly before I posted this. The title has now changed from Susan Sarandon to Joss Whedon, so he'll be on shortly.

Curious to see how Cenk does this one.

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Well it's late here, and I can't take that much excitement at this hour. :D Will watch it tomorrow. The air of just shear exasperation (and maybe some panic) from Cenk on yesterday's show was quite something.
It was.

I'm sure it will be on You Tube for a while after this. I have nothing better to do at the moment, so I'll wait! :)

Have a good night!
The Save the Day video with Chris Pine and a bunch of Whedon alumni is hilarious!

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I don't see any way to jump to the part where Joss joins them.
Suzie, you have to wait until they upload the video of the interview. :)
I've updated the link. TYT took a while to post the video of it. They just uploaded it 37 minutes ago.

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Quick tip: while watching youtube videos you can press the right arrow to skip forward 5 seconds. You can even hit is several times, then hit the left arrow if you go too far.

Maybe everyone already knows this, but I found that skipping over the interviewer's looong comments to be necessary.
I like both of these guys a great deal, but that was a bit of a personality clash. Kinda an awkward first date. :D Joss is artistic and reserved, Cenk is brash and confident. Plus the humour didn't jell well either, I have doubts about these guys making it to a second date. :D The substance was alright, lots I don't agree with Joss on plus the clanger where he appeared to suggest socialism = communism was bad. But they both made a compelling case to stop Trump.
⬆️This! All of it!⬆️

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