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November 03 2016

Agents of SHIELD Season 3 Blu-ray & DVD will be out in the UK in January. No word as of yet regarding a US release.

Though it was listed on an Australian store.

Hopfully the U.S. will eventually get this and Agent Carter season 2,which is also getting a international release.

Daredevil Season 1 is being released on Blu Ray in the U.S. this coming Tuesday and it was released internationally first.The U.S release was announced just a few weeks ago so fingers crossed that AOS season 3 and Agent Carter season 2 are announced shortly after they are released outside the U.S.
I'm guessing the release is tied in with Season 4 starting in January here in the UK.
The Blu-rays are region free and so can be watched on US players.

Not so for the DVD version, unfortunately.
If the eventual U.S. release is amazon exclusive and price gouged then I know I won't be buying it and many others won't either.
Not enough people buy DVDs/BDs of TV shows anymore to make it financially feasible on most shows. Sometimes studios decide to release DVDs and charge the losses to marketing or talent relations. The initial start up costs of a season release are enough that units sold have to be approaching the 6 figure range in order to see any sort of profit. DVDs for TV shows simply don't sell in those numbers anymore. Amazon offers studios a service where they will manufacture the DVDs on demand and the studio won't have to eat a huge loss when they make a bunch a copies and no one buys them.

I'm shocked Disney even puts out DVDs on shows anymore. A lot of TV studios are scrapping it altogether or at least being highly selective with the proliferation of easy to get and use streaming services. And cheaper than DVD electronic download services like iTUnes.

Extras and bonus material is also going away since it isn't free to produce or to add to the DVDs. Everyone involved has to be paid union wages at a minimum and it really is all extra on top of normal production costs. It also costs money to do commentaries (no the talent doesn't do those voiceovers for free nor does the crew and studio necessary to record them). Way more money than you would think.

Long story short, hug your Buffy DVDs and remember fondly the good old days. That kind of thing isn't likely to come back.
@IrrationaliTV - I knew about the Blu-Ray situation from prior posts but I thought that since Blu-Rays cost more to master (iirc) simple DVD's would be OK. Guess not. :(

If I am reading between the lines the so called Amazon exclusive is really the on demand service you described that Amazon offers. Is that right ?

Most of you are too young to have lived with a parent or grand parent who lived through the Great Depression. What is being described here is the kind of wrenching change
in buying behavior that happened back then and I'm sorry to see that we are not going to back to something less draconian.
There's probably an exclusive deal with Netflix and a DVD set will eventually come out when that deal expires.

I don't do streaming, unless it's something I'm only interested in watching once. I don't want someone else controlling my access to my media. So it's DVD's (preferably), DRM-free download (if necessary), or nothing.

All part of this permanent Great Depression mentality the country seems to have fallen into, despite all reality. Always act like you're on the verge of bankruptcy, and serve the stockholders, not the customers.
It is worth noting the increased proliferation of the inferiorly manufactured Made On Demand BD-R Blu-rays and DVD-R DVD's. Some consumers have reported that they've not had any problems, while others have stated that they fail after only a couple years, but what is indisputable is that the publishing process is not as good as with professionally pressed DVD's and Blu-ray's.

Sometimes the studios will label a title, or even line, with the "-R" suffix, but create traditional pressed discs. As WB does with all of it's BD-R Blu-ray's, and all of an initial pressing of it's TV shows sold through the wbshop. Nickelodeon has been known to do that with some DVD's too that are supposed to be DVD'R's, and Fox made at least one professional pressing of at least some of it's usual burned DVD-R's last winter, for a big sale at Amazon.

Some attribute the rise of these to consumer decline, others to the studios wanting to move people to digital, where the consumer will control nothing, and the movie or show can be modified post-purchase (think George Lucas) or even taken away (say that the Cleveland Indians name and mascot are ruled illegal in they future, all of the copies of the Major League franchise could be deleted online immediately).

Different studios seem to be taking very different approaches, with WB doing a lot to keep manufacturing physical media, whereas Fox has eliminated much of it, even ceasing production of it's still profitable Simpsons DVD's and Blu-ray's in the hopes of getting as many buyers as possible to go online to SimpsonsWorld.

Fortunately for the consumers, even when titles have been eliminated from one market then they're still sometimes available elsewhere. An example would be Sony's 'Masters of Sex' which had S1 & S2 releases in both formats in the U.S., but had neither for S3. It is rare for a show to go from both to none, usually the Blu-ray is discontinued first, with the DVD hanging on at least one more year, but that seems to be what happened here. Yet, S3 was released in at least six European countries. The discs *are* region locked, and so not playable on most machines in North America, but there are legal ways to get around that. Hopefully these two Disney titles won't be a repeat of that.

@ eddy, I understand and am no fan of exclusives and/or higher prices either (though in fairness AoS S2 did go as low as $20 in it's first year, which is lower than S1 did at retail). But at the same time this is a new paradigm we're entering, with non-physical media where the studios will have all the control and "ownership" will be in name only. Given that, I bought AoS S2 from Amazon as imo it was by far the lesser of the two evils. Shouldn't have had to be that way in a perfect world, but we are, of course, living in this one.

@ JDL, Blu-ray's vs. DVD's. Blu-ray's do cost more, so generally a studio will cut the former, when they must, and try to continue with DVD's. Sometimes that only lasts one year, sometimes more. Starz has gotten two more Seasons out of 'Turn: Washington's Spies', for example (with hopefully S4 still to come), and I really appreciate them for it. But the situation seems to keep evolving, with Daredevil S1 a shocking example of a title not released on DVD at all. Last year Disney gave Amazon exclusives to AoS S2 on both formats, Agent Carter on both formats, and Black-ish S1 on DVD. An odd experiment, and so far none have gotten releases for the more recent Seasons.

Who knows what the future holds, but to the people like me who want physical ownership then I think we have to support it. We can't rely on other people to buy enough to keep getting studios the money they need to continue these shows. Especially with the appeal of non-physical media. It's always your choice, but don't be surprised if/when your favorite tv can no longer be bought anywhere but the cloud.
I'm pretty sure Netflix is the reason AoS season 3 hasn't been released. I'm not sure if they'll ever get around to it, but in the meantime the British Blu-rays will play on American machines, and Amazon UK will ship them to the US (although it will cost you).

There will probably be a complete-series set released at some point, which will be annoying for people who bought the first 2 seasons separately. I'm kind of surprised no Agent Carter complete series set was released for the Christmas market. (FWIW they released a solicitation and cover art for AC season 2, but no word on when it will be released, if ever.)
I used to work in the DVD/BD business and the decline in that biz had absolutely nothing to do with some conspiracy. The consumer stopped supporting/buying the format in huge numbers starting around 2007/8. Studios would have loved to keep selling DVDs since it was a huge business and a huge profit center. When broadband went mainstream and streaming services got very popular along with the rise in adoption of video on demand and iTunes consumer demand for physical product cratered. Catastrophically.

There is no conspiracy. There is no "Depression era thinking" (whatever the fuck that means; I'm assuming that is some talking head BS speak). It is simply supply and demand.

Sometimes the simplest answer is ACTUALLY true. Carry-on.
I don't do streaming.I haven't seen any of the Netflix shows so Daredevil season 1 is a blind buy for me.But it's a safe blind buy because I know everything I need to know.I will enjoy this.

I want my media on physical disks.I bought AOS season 2 and Agent Carter season 1 as an Amazon Exclusive and was willing to do that.

I'm still willing to wait to see if AOS get a season 3 release in the U.S. as well as Agent Carter season 2.

As for DVD-R and BD-R.I have Superboy seasons 2-4 on DVD-R and so far haven't had any problems with those disks(Superboy season 2 came out in 2012 I believe).I haven't had a chance yet but I do plan to buy Constantine The Complete Series which is a BD-R release in the next month or so.It was released in the beginning of October.I just haven't had the extra money to get it yet versus other new releases.>

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There is no "Depression era thinking" (whatever the fuck that means; I'm assuming that is some talking head BS speak).

Curb the insults, please.
I don't see an insult, AndrewCrossett and I'll let the moderators moderate. Thanks!
@ Buffyfantic, Constantine is called a BD-R, but since it's by Warner then it's actually pressed. Their labeling just confuses people, but for whatever reason that's how they do it.

Your Superboy seasons may or may not be pressed too. Sometimes WB presses DVD's of tv series, and then mixes them with burned DVD's, and all are sold as DVD-R's. Hopefully you have real pressed DVD's there too, but either way, glad that they're all still working. Thanks for the feedback.
Thanks for the info,Risch32.

Yeah,I just re-watched some of my Superboy DVD's(some random episodes form each season including season 1 which was a normal DVD release from 2006) just a month ago to get me in the mood for the start of Supergirl season 2.And there was no problems.

I'm planning to order the Constantine set in early December.

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@IrrationaliTV - Howdy again. You have identified the switch to streaming circa 2007-8 as the prime cause for the decline in the sale of DVD & Blu-Ray's. This is frankly new information. I
didn't pick up on the effects until recently. It just wasn't showing up in my small circle of friends and I saw nothing that indicated a failing business model. So your cause and effect had
a 7 to 9 year gap in what I was seeing. The most obvious explanation was the sub-prime meltdown that sent us into a great recession. Sometimes obvious is wrong.

As for Depression like thinking it may not have anything to do with this DVD issue but it's out there and it concerns me. But if any of you want to discuss it further this is not really the place imo.

"I don't see an insult, AndrewCrossett and I'll let the moderators moderate. Thanks!"

You are consistently rude and condescending to everyone and, yes, it is insulting.
Enough. I'd like to make it to Wednesday with most of my wits surviving. And I'd rather not endure people fighting here.
Just my two cents, but I enjoy reading IrrationaliTV's postings more than anyone else's around here.

Apart from that, I can only hope that physical media will stay around for a very long time. I find streaming(/my internet connection) rather unreliable, and while watching something on my laptop-screen works well enough when I'm by myself (atleast if you ignore the fact that watching something via your web browser doesn't exactly thwart distractions), it doesn't necessarily agree with watching something in groups larger than two.
Thanks, Sahjhan. That's nice to hear.

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