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November 03 2016

The floor plans for Buffy's house. Courtesy of

I would have thought there were more rooms upstairs.

But maybe not... after all, Joyce originally bought the house for two people... so a master bedroom, Buffy's room, and a guest room. But then came Dawn and the guest room turned into her room.

Still, I always got the impression of more room upstairs.
I could sworn I've seen fan plans like this before at Whedonesque but nothing came up in the search.
It looks cool but its not entirely accurate. It's missing the awkward hallway in Dawn's room and the weird door from Joyce's room to Dawn's room. And Buffy's bedroom door is on the wrong side of the wall lol

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Plus windows where the front door should be (pretty sure this is an accident, since they have the front patio and the steps leading up it...), and a weird extra doorway to the back patio from the living room area.
I have a book with house designs of California bungalows of the 1920's and there is a floor plan like this (almost exactly like the first floor, close enough to the second floor). My favorite part is "It will cost about $3,200".
It's also missing the all-important basement. Still, this is fun. I have fond memories of trying to recreate the Summers house in The Sims.
I also feel like I've seen blueprints to Buffy's house somewhere before - maybe included as a special feature on one of the DVD sets? I feel like I have a vague memory of paging through something like that on a DVD...
I made a note of this. Season 2, disc 6, it says.

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