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November 06 2016

Revisiting 'Once More, With Feeling' on its 15th anniversary. On this day in 2001, UPN aired one of the best ever TV episodes of all time.

Good quick article except for not enough James Marsters. Hadn't heard that SMG changed her mind about dubbing in her vocals.

But the content of the articles is pretty humdrum next to the thing I find most satisfying: the fact that people are still marking the anniversaries of this show. I get the feeling we're going to be seeing similar articles in another five, ten, and thirty-five years (plus various points in between). After all, we're in the midst of Star Trek's 50th anniversary. Why not a 50th for Buffy, too?
Well let's get past the 20th anniversary of the tv show next year :).
As a lover of musicals for 45 years, I consider OMWF as good as many musicals which have been successes on Broadway. It certainly didn't hurt that the writer/composer was a third-generation TV writer... who is a master storyteller... with an affinity for music and musicals.
Re-watching with daughter Willow tonight. It has definitely stood the test of time. We never get tired of it, never will.
Great time to watch the behind the scenes video!
How time doth fly! Going to watch OMWF again now. I can use a good talk-along, sing-along today. (I think it's the only episode of TV that I know every line of dialogue and lyrics by heart.)
Saw the tweet (and the Joss retweet) and needed to watch it again.
There's a podcast on with Tony Head about the episode. My computer is refusing to play it, but the article's worth reading too. Probably not worth a post of its own, but here it is.
I am old. I still remember the comments from some fans at the time when rumours came out that there would be a musical episode that this would be the show 'shark jump' and that they'd never watch again.

One of the best episodes of any TV show ever.
A TON of people out there hate musicals...or at least THINK they do until they finally see one they enjoy.

Others are ambivalent or just feel awkward watching them. I was always gonna like them -- Disney and other studios' animated musicals as a kid, certain plays, and then Moulin Rouge and Rent as an early 20-something guaranteed it.

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