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November 07 2016

Ask Joss a question on Tumblr. Joss is doing an Answer Time on Tumblr this afternoon at 4 pm ET (1 pm PT). You can submit your question here.

I submitted a question. I'm not holding my breath that it will be answered though.
A ton of people are asking questions on Facebook, but so far, I only see two on Tumblr (which is not a very flexible platform).
Well, I love finding out that one of Joss' TV obsessions is Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. That's my second favorite show currently on the air.

He never answered my question but oh, well.
If you look at his twitter feed, all the tumblr questions/answers are there.
I asked if we were ever going to find out what Saffron's real name was. I think I submitted to late. Was reading a lot of his answers during my last hour at work and a lot of fun questions as well as a few rude ones. I have a feeling for everyone one of those he actually answered there were probably several similar ones that he skipped. When did being a jerk become the default mode of so many people?

I love the idea of Jayne on the Enterprise. But which one? Kirk or Picard's Enterprise? But I disagree about pancakes. They are totes useful.
Neither my question nor my goats' question got answered. Oh, well!
I was just thinking a day or two ago, that I hope Joss is watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend... this was well timed, if I had known that's probably what I would've asked about, so glad to see it came up :)
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is an amazing musical comedy drama romance deconstruction. I hope Joss can direct one of the episodes.
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is my favorite network TV series. It's stunningly well-crafted. I had always hoped that YouTube sensation Rachel Bloom would break out big some day (her forté is musical comedy -- check out her YouTube channel if you haven't already -- start at the beginning), from that initial "Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury" vid to the "If Disney cartoons were realistic" hilarity. And then she got a show. :)
Hmm. Sounds like I should watch "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend." Have never checked it out because of the off-putting title. But hey, a lot of people felt that way about "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." :)
The title makes more sense as you watch more episodes. It actually took me awhile to figure out what the point of view of the show really is.

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