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November 10 2016

The ten funniest TV dramas. Buffy on the list? Of course.

As always, another list with only one show I really know.
Six Feet Under and Buffy were tops for this sort of thing.

DaddyCat, if you can find the time and a way to view them, as a fan of good and unique TV shows with great characters, you owe it yourself to at least check out Six Feet Under, Breaking Bad, and Deadwood from that list.

I need to give Veronica Mars another shot some day -- only watched the first three episodes and I guess I was just sick of high school settings and teenagers and knowing quippyness at the time (think I was in my early 20s when it first aired). I've loved Kristen Bell in everything else I've seen of hers.

All I know of Northern Exposure is that it had cool/cute real-material snowsuit covers for its DVD season sets and that it used to be on my list of someday-I'll-get-around-to-it watches (this link just reminded me of that).

Deadwood, yep, amazing. Some day it deserves a rewatch.

Terriers was one of Tim Minear's, right ? With that hotass who faked a Cajun accent for the first season of True Blood, mmm. :) Donal Logue's great as well. I think I meant to watch it.

The last two or three out of the total five of Breaking Bad's seasons were so unrelentingly grim, plus just the feeling that it was all gonna go south, that I think it's obscuring much memory of humour (I remember all the bumbling of Seasons 1 and 2 and that Jesse Pinkerton/Aaron Paul's ignorance was often amusing). Incredible drama, though. Will never re-watch. Little interest in Better Call Saul.

Kinda forgot about Angels in America (used to own that one on DVD -- haven't owned many dramastic series on disc). Yeah, it was funny. Especially because of that one actor who ended up as the brother on Weeds.

Twin Peaks was oddball funny from what I remember (watched only the first season so far, on DVD back in maybe 2003?). I should re-watch and then finish the series already.

Only ever been interested in checking out Justified because of Timothy Olyphant (for both his talent and his hard-to-look-at smoldering hotness), but finding out that it's funny as well increases the likelihood that I'll get around to it some day.

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I definitely recommend Veronica and Justified (the first couple seasons were great... at some point it starts to drag a little, but it's worth finishing out).

I gotta recommend giving Better Call Saul a shot, it's vastly different from Breaking Bad, if the grimness of that is what's holding you back.
Six Feet Under is among my top five TV shows (Buffy is #1) and it has my favourite ending of any show.

And yes, Terriers was one of Tim Minear's which is why I started watching it. It's a pretty amazing/gloomy/funny/depressing story. Just the way I like 'em, evidently.
Points deducted for failure to include Hill Street Blues.
Kris, in addition to Timothy Olyphant in jeans, Justified has some of the best dialog around. Highly recommend it.
Thanks for the recommendations ! :)

DreamRose, it's all good, it wasn't the potential for grimness that I was shying away from (sure do love me some dark), I was just saying that what I remember of Breaking Bad plot- and dialogue-wise is moreso the heartache and the fuck-ups and the ruining of lives than the humour. I got a sense from the ads that Better Call Saul was probably lighter, but I felt like I'd already spent enough time in that universe and while I thought Saul was an okay character and Bob Odenkirk is great, I'm not as taken with Saul as many other BB fans are.
Tomg +1 forHill St Blues

I'd also want to add West Wing.

Also although the whole series is far from a comedy the final confrontation in rHappy Valley series 2 is one of the few things that I've seen outside Joss' writing that was simultaneously utterly horrifying and hilariously funny.

Admission : The last show was a bit of a stretch but I'd like to see some more comparison of the feminist writing that Joss does with that of Sally Wainwright, who also has a great talent for effectively mixing feminism and funny.

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