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November 10 2016

Buffyverse Magazine Covers. Looks like someone had fun creating these.

Found the link on the Whedon Studies Association Facebook page.

I think I laughed too much at 'TAKE OUR QUIZ - YOU MIGHT BE KINDA GAY'

Thanks a lot for posting these!
Good stuff. Loved them all. But what is the significance of Xander and Lobsters?

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Dang funny.
First thing to make me smile in days.
These are so funny. Needed that! Thank you to all involved.
Finally, I am able to laugh again. Especially at the Cosmo cover.
Tara McClay: "F**k the haters!"

That was hilarious to read. Also, am the only one who wants to frame the Buffy TIME magazine cover? So badass.
I dress myself blindfolded.

So that's where using Willow as my haute couture guru went off the rails. Explains much.
Those covers were really great and especially the last one reminds me once more why we need Buffy now more than ever.
Thank you! I needed this.
Spike on the cover of Rolling Stone, love it. These are great.
Eden, I really enjoyed those! Thanks for posting.

I also enjoyed the magazine covers. Nice to have something cheerful to focus on this week.
The one that made me laugh the most was the National Geographic one. "Yeah, that seems totally safe"
Good stuff. Loved them all. But what is the significance of Xander and Lobsters?

They're shrimp, as in "a world without" (or alternatively, "a world with nothing but").
that's fantastic and hilarious. much needed this week. *getting the tweed you need*

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