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November 14 2016

Marvel casually announces an Inhumans TV show. Marvel's long-in-the-works Inhumans movie has now been reborn as a TV show; speculation ensues.

I think I would prefer this to not tie in with the MCU, as it'll give them a lot more freedom to tell stories, which is something AOS struggled with in the earlier episodes.
I think Marvel should make a show about the behind-the-scenes drama of bringing the Inhumans to the big/small screen.
I agree with Simon. I have an analogy for what Marvel is doing: remember the game Magic, with all the cards? As they kept developing new series of cards and new cards, they reached a point where the interactions between the cards could simply stop the game cold and end it; there was some unexpected combination that just simply was not right. And with Marvel, they keep developing more and more characters and series and I have this feeling that there will come a time when no human will be able to keep all the characters and storylines straight any more. I guess it will take an inhuman! :-)
I actually prefer comics that aren't in a shared universe for those very reasons. Plus, if the world is in danger in one comic, why isn't that known in the others in the "shared" universe? It's difficult to follow so many shared strands and piece together a canon, and difficult to suspend disbelief.

That said, I find it odd that they wouldn't have any connection with the inhumans on AoS...
This gives them a chance to either overlap the shows, or migrate some of the actors (and the production crew) from AOS to the Inhumans series. I don't want AOS to end, but if this show is connected, AOS can evolve into this.
Can they bring Hunter and Bobbi in somehow?
I'd like if either the movies would just acknowledge the existence of Inhumans (too bad for the moviegoers and fans who don't watch the Marvel TV shows -- the films don't worry about those who've skipped certain movies in the phases, so why worry about those who've skipped the shows?), or diverge entirely. Just become their own continuity/reality. I HUGELY prefer it to all be interconnected and for it to just work seamlessly and beautifully the way Thor 2, Cap 2, and AoS's first season did, but if it gets to a point where it just doesn't make sense to say they're all one continuity without ever acknowledging that in the films, then just abandon this whole experiment in cross-media storytelling. It's annoying having to fanwank so many explanations away and there's no need for the studio to jerk us around by assuring us it's one universe when behind-the-scenes it definitely ain't or barely is.

I forget, were Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch supposed to be Inhumans -- given that Hydra and presumably Strucker had access to Obelisks/Terrigen-mist-crystals-in-a-can -- or were they confirmed on-screen to have solely been given their powers via Hydra's experimentation with Loki's scepter/the Mind Stone?

If they'd just say the word "Inhumans" in one of the films, just once...the TV series set it all up and laid it out perfectly for them. The Kree were introduced first on AoS and then in Guardians Of The Galaxy in the same year...they were so close to seamlessness.
From the article:

"...special versions of its first two episodes will premiere next summer on IMAX—making it the very first live-action TV series to do so. The show will then have its proper TV debut in the fall on ABC in 2017, with “additional exclusive content that can only be seen on the network.”

That's kinda cool ! :) So even if we never get an Inhumans film (and I didn't care one way or the other whether we did -- they're not a favorite group of characters or race of mine in the Marvel universe, so I was okay with their film disappearing off the schedule), we'll still get to see what one may have been like on the big screen. Also interested in this because I keep missing when Game Of Thrones is in theatres (for premieres or finales) and I've wanted to check out more of my TV shows in a theatre.

I don't need wall-to-wall crossovers between this and AoS, but I think it'd be a missed opportunity if Inhumans stayed entirely self-contained the way the article speculates. Hopefully they interact eventually, maybe after a half-season or so of this new show laying down its foundation and developing its characters a bunch.
Pitching Marvel's next new series: The lives and loves, the trials and tribulations,
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(Admittedly a finely targeted demographic, but we think it could fly,)
You guys are talking possible cross overs but am i the only one to assume this show would replace AoS?
It's an 8 episode series so probably not.
Where is it reported that it's 8 episodes?
Yeah I can't find that 8 episode thing anywhere, but it would help me picnic less if true.
"The comic book studio — which previously abandoned plans for an Inhumans feature film — is now set to team with ABC Studios for an eight-episode live-action drama series slated to premiere in the fall of 2017." ... The Hollywood Reporter.
I am use internet goodz!

*turns picnic levels down 3 notches*
Picnic levels?

Maybe Inhumans will be a mid-season series like Agent Carter. Hopefully it will be sandwiched in between episodes of AOS.

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2016-11-16 07:19 ]
It reminds me of what Lucasfilm did with the second Clone Wars cartoon. Show the first few episodes as a movie in the cinema and use that as an introduction to the tv series.
They probably had a script they really loved for the movie and decided it would work better (be more profitable) this way. I love it when someone shakes up the standard business model so I'm excited to see how this works.
Picnic is an old in joke from way back, when someone misspelled panic.
Kris asked "were Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch supposed to be Inhumans"? This is a legal question on-screen - the holder of the screen rights to The X-Men has exclusive legal rights to the word "mutant". That is why "the twins" in Captain America 3 were never referred to as mutants.
What IrrationaliTV says makes sense to me but Deadline is reporting "The Inhumans TV series is said not to be related to the movie, tackling an entirely different story*" so I am
really confused. The only thing that makes sense is that they have a different finished script, not intended for a movie, that they have managed to keep secret, and that feels off.
Even if that is so they are still going to have to bust a gut to be ready for a mid September run. (casting, director, sets, setting locations, etc.)

*To be specific not the finished movie script by Joe Robert Cole.
Picnic is an old in joke from way back, when someone misspelled panic.

I vaguely remember that. I've been here too long!
Pure speculation here, but the various film and TV franchises are already becoming a bit cumbersome to maintain as part of one coherent, canonical universe. Marvel may simply have decided to separate out the Inhumans from the rest of the movies to give the storytellers of those other franchises more breathing room. So they'd likely have to abandon whatever particular story was originally pitched for the movie and come up with something new (or something old from the comics that could be reworked). This potentially would also explain why this is reported to be separate from M.A.O.S. since that series was established as belonging to the MCU.
I'm just excited to hear who is involved, who is cast, and when I can buy a ticket. All the rest will work itself out. :)
I don't believe for a second that this is separate in a "doesn't exist in the same universe" sense, just in a loose storytelling sense. ABC is not going to air on show that has Inhumans in it and another show actually *called* Inhumans and not have them exist in the same narrative universe, even if they never mention each other.
It's interesting that the AoS cast/crew haven't said a word about this.
Grack21, they may be on hiatus or trying to finish up to go on hiatus right now. So, really busy. Alternatively, most of them probably haven't been consulted on it.
It puzzles me that it seems all of this is being shot with IMAX cameras even though 6 of the 8 episodes will not be shown in
theaters during those two weeks. It seems like a needless expense unless there is another purpose being served.
Well Infinity War is being shot entirely in Imax so I guess Marvel has a pretty big relationship with Imax.
@b!X, perhaps not a separate universe per se, but maybe a separate timeframe so that storylines need not be coordinated as tightly.
I like that idea -- that this could be taking place in a different time period. And/or if they set it entirely on Attilan (I think that was the name of the Inhumans royal family's secret island, right?), then this can still be a part of the MCU without there being any challenges in fitting it into the overall puzzle.

Also really happy about it being an 8-episode mini-series (with more to come, a la Agent Carter, if it's successful), as there's enough Marvel material to watch between ABC, Netflix, and the big screen. Kinda love the business model of it as well -- each season of AOS accompanied by Agent Carter, Inhumans, and whatever else comes along if Inhumans doesn't succeed.

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