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"You paid money for this, sir? On purpose?"
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November 16 2016

Buffy and Angel roleplaying game Bundle Of Holding offering PDFs of the official RPGs and supplements at a bargain price, including a donation to the American Cancer Society.

I've never played this type of game before. Good fun?
It can be, depending on the people involved, and the choice of game. I ran a Buffy game for six years, helped by the breadth of adventure ideas that the setting could contain but mostly fuelled by the enthusiasm of the players.

The system itself is straightforward, with some nice touches to encourage playing in the style of the show. There's a free introductory adventure at the old BBC Buffy site, which shows off some of those features like the players having a pool of "Drama Points" to improve their characters' actions, bounce back from a fight, or reveal that they have a vital magical item as a paperweight.
If I ever get a life outside my work, I'll certainly investigate it. Thanks.

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