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November 17 2016

Glenn Talbot will return to Agents of SHIELD. Adrian Pasdar, who plays General Glenn Talbot, revealed his return to the role with an Instagram photo captured by the show's key makeup artist Wendi Lynn.

It just doesn't get better for AoS, than when Talbot is holding
all the cards and being his usual smirking, arrogant, slimy,
insufferable self and Coulson still manages to effortlessly
pull an ace out of the hole and turn it into a humiliating
defeat for GlennCo.
Saw Pasdar at a comic convention. When he's not in uniform and wearing his glasses, he looks incredibly nerdy... not the forceful, dynamic characters he portrays on screen.
He's married to Natalie Maines from "Dixie Chicks",
that's plenty dynamic.
Glad he'll be back, really enjoy that character (plus, a Hulk connection...sort of). And the actor. From Profit to being one of the better actors (if not always one of the more interesting characters) on Heroes, Pasdar's always solid.

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