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November 17 2016

(SPOILER) Buffy Season 11 #1 preview pages. Some new preview pages for Buffy # 1 which is out next week.

Oh man, that panel of Spike and Buffy on the second preview. Too adorable.

Argh. "Is that.." - What?! Who?! Can't wait for this comic to start up again.
The art looks amazing.

Question: am I the only one who doesn't feel connected to Buffy as a character (in the comics) anymore? Although she'll always have a special place in my heart, I miss seeing her pushed outside her comfort zone and forced to pick herself back up again.

The group seems too tight-knit. Too safe. A part of me wishes we could have Buffy alone for a while. I want to see the perseverance I fell in love with.
I've long said that a Buffy and Faith series could be interesting, get her away from the Scoobies and whipped, puppy dog Spike for a while
I've liked seeing Buffy grow up and choose to manage her relationships differently. There can still be obstacles and issues to work through of course, everyone has that even when they are more settled and older. But as you get older your focus widens I think, considerations about where you work, live, who you date are considered with a different perspective. Your friends don't stay your uttermost priority/focus as they do in your teenage years and you start to have vastly different attitudes over some issues. It was great I thought that this came up in S10 between Willow and Buffy. So I really appreciate it staying relatable and shifting with her maturity, it is great to have a hero that changes and develops, not one held at a set age.

I'm hopeful this season is going to have some really interesting development for the characters. I'm a spuffy fan, so I'd love it if they stick together, but just getting on with it like people do and the story focus not being about the romance in and of itself.
@Angel&Faith: Do you always have such a problem in any relationship where the woman is not subservient to the man?
@Stoney - I totally love the development we've seen in Buffy. I'd just like to see it put to the test. The best moment from Season Ten was Hank telling Buffy and Dawn not to attend his wedding.

We need more emotionally gutting stuff like that.

Season Five will always be my favorite because of how much Buffy had to tackle. Everything just seems too neat now. Which, to be honest, is a little exciting because I half-expect things to be torn apart; that's always when the best stories emerge.
I think the problem some people have with recent Spike is not that Buffy isn't "subservient" to him, but that he's turned into too nice a guy... there's no monster in this man anymore. I personally don't ship Buffy with anyone (anymore), but I kind of miss the old snarky, occasionally dangerous Spike.

Still, not every character development has to please me. Character development in real people doesn't always please me, either.
@AndrewCrossett: Some people do have a problem with the lack of snark and danger in Spike, me included. And the lack of snark and conflict and interesting things with characters and relationships in general, too.
But when someone calls Spike "whipped puppy dog", you can be sure that something else is their problem, and it has a clear indication of their views on gender and relationships.
"Character development in real people doesn't always please me, either.

@AndrewCrossett - LOL! We can all pack up and go home. You just won the thread.
I drifted away from the comics when the "Hey, she wasn't pregnant, she was a robot!" plotline happened in S9. To me... the, "Hey, things are good and calm and we have a breather" aspect of these preview pages is actually more tempting to me than OMG Zompires. Are those gone now, btw?
Thanks for the psycho analysis TimeTravellingBunny. Wasn't aware you had a degree in psychology.
No new zompires have been created since the end of season 9, but I imagine there are still a few lurking around who haven't been staked yet.
@Angel&Faith: Nope. I have a degree in philology. So, when I see words and sentences, I usually don't ignore their obvious meaning.

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Right - this has rumbled on long enough. No poster fights, please.

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