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"Is there a Geppetto in the house?"
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April 14 2004

"Smile Time" Hidden Character: Puppet Spike? Pretty good fan art of what a Puppet Spike would look like. (May not be safe for work)

An obvious Spangel fan...

Spangel aside, that's one impressive Muppet.

- Z
OMG! That is hilarious!!
someone smart should market the Angel and Spike puppets, I want one.
sueworld2003 does great work, I'd love it if they actually had something like that available to buy.

This should probably go in the other thread, but I was browsing MoZ and found her bald James manip. it's making me miss the blonde already.
Mmmmm, puppet slash. So wrong and yet oh so right. *grin*
Puppet Slash? Well there's a spin-off I 'd like to see....Joss, if you're browsing this site......

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