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November 21 2016

(SPOILER) Christos Gage pits Demons and Politics against the Scooby Gang in Buffy Season 11. There's also some exclusive preview art to be had in this Paste Magazine article.

Decade? Pfft!
I'm saving up for my tickets to the centenary celebration.
Joss is expected to be in attendance and they'll be asking
him how it feels to still be the only person writing strong
female characters.
I am excited about this don't get me wrong, but it does sadden me a bit that I can't shake the feeling that no one is really reading this anymore. Can't (and shouldn't) really continue the series if the readership is so low. I mean am I wrong about this? I'd love to be proven wrong. I think last time j checked at a issue sale is was at or less than 10,000
I love the Buffy to death, but i also feel like the readership is sinking. And I think the series should come to an end at the end of season 12.

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