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November 22 2016

(SPOILER) Agents of SHIELD 4x07 "Deals With Our Devils" Sneak Peek. We pick up with Simmmons' new assignment.

Well now we know why Nadeer wanted Simmons so bad, though funding the Watchdogs seems to conflict with helping her brother unless she's hoping for a reversal.
Nadeer supporting the Watchdogs is based on hating what terregenesis did to her brother, and taking it out on Inhumans. That's bound to continue, no matter what.
Frankly up till now I thought the guy was a human who somehow got some diviner metal in his fish oil.
This break has been too long.
@JDL: It does nothing to humans now. If it did, there would a big bunch of people like that all over the world, and it wouldn't have remained a secret.
This break has been too long.

Simon | November 23, 15:15 CET

@TimeTravellingBunny I was suggesting an outlier, something that was absolutely an anomaly. But in any case the explanation given on the show was that the crystals dissolved, the metals sank, and the
mist spread throughout the oceans. The major problem with my suggestion is that you would think that any fish touched by the diviner metal would have gone crusty and sunk to the bottom, but maybe
not. It just seemed to me that a diviner metal event was (prior to the clip) was more logical than an unprecedented cocoon state of many months. Ooops ! :)

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