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November 23 2016

(SPOILER) Discuss Buffy Season 11 #1. Buffy's back for a 12 issue run.

A fantastic start to a new season.
It's perhaps the closest we'll ever get to my long cherished dream of Buffy Vs. Godzilla.
I also really liked this issue. Strongest opening since season 8, and I'm digging the new 12-issue format.

I think people who have stopped reading should give it a chance.
The sales don't include digital I believe so it is hard to know really what is happening, although I'm sure they have been dropping. It could also be in part that people are less inclined to join forums to discuss and debate it still. All the places I go which discuss the ongoing story are all just steadily getting even more quiet.

I thought it was an enjoyable opener and I'm looking forward to the ripple effects across the verse from this.
To me, the flooding and over-all disaster situation is too reminiscent of ordinary super-hero comics. But didn't dislike it overall.
This is a bit late.I wasn't able to get to my comic shop last week.Got there today so I finally have Buffy Season 11 # 1,"Part I of "The Spread of Their Evil."

As I mentioned elsewhere,I wasn't sure if I was going to get season 11.I was considering passing.My comic book spending is tighter now due to amount of books I follow(several of my DC books are now twice monthly) and price.So I've been shaving some books from my pull list and Buffy was one of them I was considering.

In the end I decided to follow season 11 because....

A)The shorter season

B)The premise of the season.

C)I liked season 10 minus the spuffy,something I'll never enjoy(but there was enough present in season 10 to offset that).

D)It's hard to let Buffy go(and yes I will be reading Angel and the Giles miniseries).The non season 11 things like the high school years I will be passing on.

After season 11,I will decide again if there is a season 12.

So,I will keep the rest of this short.But I liked the first issue of season 11.

The set up has a more event feel to it and feels a lot like Angel:After The Fall which was a story I really enjoyed.

I actually do like the parallels to stuff going on in the real world,something Christos Gage said was not intentional.But it does make things topical and that make this interesting.

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