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November 26 2016

Ron Glass has passed away at age 71. In addition to his role as Shepherd Book, he was known for playing detective Ron Harris on Barney Miller. Our condolences to his family and friends.

Damn that is way too young. He will be missed.
This is so beyond sad. Rest in peace, Ron. You will fly in our hearts forever.
Oh no, that sucks! I will miss him.
Balls. I liked him :(. I was just remembering his role on AoS today.
RIP to a really good actor. My mom just told me and I rushed to Whedonesque in hopes it wasnt true :(
So sorry to hear this. An impressive actor and from all accounts a lovely man.
I'm just heartbroken. I loved him on both Firefly and Barney Miller. He just seemed like the happiest, nicest guy.
I can't believe that we won't hear that wonderful laugh again.
He was such a generous soul. On the Browncoat cruise years back, someone asked him if it was true that he's given Nathan his shirt after Nathan had admired it. He said yes, that had happened. The next day I admired his Tshirt - it had Firefly on it and his handler said Joss had given them to all the cast and how rare it was as a result. I joked that if she liked it so much, she should ask Ron for it as he was known to give the shirt off his back. We all laughed, he signed something for me and I moved on.
That night we were all in the room set aside for us and Ron came up to me,knelt on one knee and handed me a bag. It was the shirt! He apologized that it wasn't clean but assured me that he had only worn it for a few hours that morning. I was stunned. It was only a couple of days after that I could find the words to thank him and he just shrugged off his generosity.
The world is much poorer place now.

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Much too young. Keep flying, Mr. Glass.
That's horrible news :(. He was an awesome actor. Rushed to Whedonesque to double-check this news. So, so sorry to see it's true.
Oh no! I was rewatching AoS recently and wondering about him. My condolences to his family and loved ones.

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Damn. I just read this, couldn't believe it until I came here. So sad now..:(
Although that is a lovely story Lioness. I always wished I could have been at more of the cast gatherings. (I've only met Nathan.) They'll never be the same now. Such a loss.
R.I.P Mr Glass...
My sympathies are with his family and friends, and fellow fans.
Very sad to hear.

And thank you Lioness for sharing that story. Sounds like he was just the kind of guy I imagined him to be.
That's a great story Lioness. Thank you for sharing, really speaks to the person he was.
RIP, sir. You're gone too soon.
As much as I loved Ron Glass as Book in Firefly and Serenity
My favorite memory of him will always be the episode I of Newton,
from Dec 13, 1985.
Just tragic. He had such a warm and joyful presence. Infectious laughter and an obvious kind heart. Book was actually one of my favourite characters in Firefly, and my favourite religious character in film or tv hands down. As an atheist I went through the stage as a kid of being somewhat angry inside about everyone who was religious. I just couldn't wrap my head around their way of thinking. Book helped me let go of it because I came to understand religious belief better. Two of his lines. Paraphrasing here but... 'It's not about making sense, it's about believing in something and allowing that belief to be real enough to change your life' and 'when I talk about belief, why do you always assume I'm talking about god?' They helped me accept that some people need religion and that it can bring wisdom, not just pain and confusion. I'll never be religious but thanks to Book I don't have anything against those who are anymore. Great character, portrayed with heart, intelligence and just a sprinkling of badass by Mr. Glass. Heartbroken about this, wish I could have met him. Condolences to his family and friends.
Terribly sad news. Such a loss to fandom.

I'll raise my glass to you, sir. Rest in peace.
A wonderful human :(. Sadness.
Such sad news.
O crap. I was also really hoping this was one of those bogus news stories. I loved him in Firefly - don't think I saw him in anything else. Lioness, thanks for your story. How lovely.

What an awful month this has been. The election, losing Leonard Cohen, now Ron Glass ....

OK, sending love and hugs to all. We'll get through this.

A friend told me about this in the pub earlier and I didn't believe him. Genuinely gutted! Then I saw Nathan Fillion's tweet which made it worse...

Nathan Fillion ‏@NathanFillion 4h4 hours ago

"Shepard, don't move."
"Won't go far."
We love you, Ron Glass. Don't go far.

RIP Shepherd Book :(
Deepest condolences to his family and friends. Ron, we miss you.
Nooooooo! Dammit.

Heartbreaking news.
Such sad sad news. Even though I'm such a Firefly fan, whenever I hear his name I still picture Sgt. Harris.

I never met him, but I know lots of people that had, and by all accounts he was truly a sweetheart - a gracious & lovely man. And obviously I love him on Firefly & in Serenity. So flippin' young. #RelativelySpeaking

I know what I'll be watching tonight.

(What a gawdsawful year.)
I was hoping 2016 will end without even more bad news.

He was a gentle kind man who happened to be a symbolic character.

He shall be missed by all.


Ps Nathan's Tweet pushed me over the edge to tears *sniff*

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Deeply sad news. He seemed like a wonderful man.
I'd always heard that Ron was a nice guy but it really hit home while watching the Firefly DVD commentaries. Every time he spoke you could just hear the love and kindness in his voice. Rest in peace.
One of the best portrayers of a sincerely religious person that I've ever seen. He will be deeply missed.
Deepest condolences to his family.

I loved him on Barney Miller and then to discover him again on Firefly was like my childhood meeting my adult fanhood.

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Also hearing Ron's voice in Fable 2 made the game for me. And I never realised he did one of the voices on Rugrats.
As my son said, he's gone to the special heaven.
Clear Skies, Preacher.
He was such a wonderful presence on Firefly, as part of one of the most remarkable ensemble casts ever assembled.
My heart just broke :/
Just got home from a trip and this is the first thing I read. Terrible. Always thought he was much younger still for some reason.


This will make Serenity rewatches even more heartbreaking.
@RBB, Thank you.
I'm just so sad to hear this. I just loved him as Shepherd Book, and I have many fond memories of him in what was considered at the time a breakthrough role on Barney Miller. He will definitely be missed. And, yes, this will make Serenity rewatches even more heartbreaking.
Very sorry to hear the news. It was always great to watch him, wherever he appeared.
@RobynH, you're welcome. I teared up when he said that. Sheesh, what a year for deaths of beloved celebrities.
On the Browncoat Cruise, my wife Sandy and I had the pleasure of having dinner with Ron Glass (along with several other folks). Ron was absolutely charming and a wonderful conversationalist! Sandy still has a framed picture of Ron that she won during the gift exchange and I'm sure it will be even more cherished.

Ron, you will be surely missed!
He graced two of the best ensemble casts ever. Barney Miller and Firefly both raised the bar in writing for television, and he ably brought grace and humor to both. 71 is too soon to go.
Ron was superb as Shepherd Book, but to me, he will always be Sgt. Ron Harris of Barney Miller. What a great character: polished, witty, but with an underlying frustration about his lot in life that gave him an edge. (I loved that when his book was published, Harris turned into a bit of a dick, not-so-subtly lording it over his squadmates--until the realities of show biz brought him back to Earth.

And RobynH--yes to "I of Newton" from the 1980s Twilight Zone. The episode was barely seven minutes long, but Glass' Devil was so smooth, so sharp, so sinister, that he sticks in the mind 30 years later.

Ah Ron. You will be missed.

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