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November 29 2016

Doug Jones cast in Star Trek: Discovery. In alien makeup, of course.

From Pencilhead in Mystery Men,
To a Gentleman in Buffy,
To Lieutenant Commander To Be Decided in Star Trek.

and they say there's no career advancement in Hollywood.
He was in Toronto this summer and fall in Guillermo Del Toro's next film, The Shape Of Water, so kinda cool that he'll stick around longer -- Star Trek: Discovery is shooting up here as well. :)

Besides the lead Gentleman from Buffy and Abe Sapien from the Hellboy films, what I best remember Jones for are many of the creatures in Pan's Labyrinth (at least two?).
The Silver Surfer. Best part of the second Fantastic Four movie.

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Oh yeah, I forgot about his role as The Surfer. Dubbed over by Laurence Fishburne, though (awesome actor and an amazing voice, granted), just as was done with David Hyde Pierce's voice for Abe Sapien in the first Hellboy.

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