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November 29 2016

(SPOILER) Discuss Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 4x07 "Deals with Our Devils". The episode was written by DJ Doyle and directed by Jesse Bochco.

Its good to be back ! Word seems to be this one is gonna be special.
I almost forgot this will be on tonight!!! I just remembered 20 minutes ago!

On a happy note, I love how Camden Toy actually comments on my posts on Facebook!
Hi everyone! I've seen it as usual, vibes of an early Buffy S7 episode. Also a character mystery from 1 of the established team members is refreshing. Oh and do I spy subtle shipping hints for __ and ___?

P.S. Flash crossover episode was also awesome.
Four days of crossovers. Those episodes are always fun. Glad Supergirl is in the mix, now.
I usually don't watch Arrow and I gave up on Legends but I have to finish this. I have 3 shows at the same tomorrow now.
I can't tell if I like the Director or not...
OK.. is May just generally weird this season?
Shotgun axe! Yeah!
And why is Mac suddenly the unstable one?
I think they are trying to make the new Director a complex solve.
May isn't the Ice Queen this season, while Mack is getting to be such a hot head, he may as well be Ghost Rider himself.

The Director is cagey. He seems reasonable and level-headed, but then he basically kidnaps Simmons for some unknown reason.

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@JDL I guess. I'm probably a touch skeptical of him because of all the other times they brought in someone as an ally and they turned out to be evil. I don't want him to be evil... but then he does something that's evil hinting.. and I fret.

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I see what Dusk was referring to.
"Do we look that stupid on comms?" Hahahaha. Nice.
Willow just got back from England you guys!

(Mace had to send Simmons to Nadeer's government to keep her quiet that SHIELD was harboring the suspected terrorist Quake and a flaming skull killer).
Great way for finding out secrets, I guess...
Oh, fuck. I'm psychic!
Oh that strange audio that cuts in and out for plot reasons.

Well, some people wanted the Rider on a motorcycle....
When Mack took off on the motorcycle in the earlier scene, it seemed he was channeling Ghost Rider. Now we know he is.
with no helmet!!! OMG.
Assertive Simmons is awesome!
Simmons is killing it this season.
I kinda figured that Ada would be used in this fashion, but May still seems weird. I'm not the only one that thinks so, right? She's just ... off.
Looks like Simmons is about to crack her case.
If Nadeer's brother has been in terrigenesis for 7 months, it may be he's going to be one of the *major* Inhumans... like one of the "Royal Family."
May was exposed to the box ghosts earlier in the season. Maybe it did something to her.
@Nebula1400 Could be. Or both her and Mack, due to their proximity to that explosion Eli set off made them both susceptible to outside influence? Him the Ghost Rider, her the book? I dunno... hrm.
I was thinking something like that, AndrewC. I think Inhumans are going to become a bigger deal in the second half of the season to lead to the new show.
Oh, no! I hate those secret lab people!
So Nadir's people are morons...
I'm just waiting for Nadeer to get some Mist too. So far we have:

Mace's past in Vienna

Shoe's gotta drop with one of them sooner or later.
Cat's cradle....
They better keep Ada. I like her.
Unless she just made that thing that's trying to suck Coulson away...
If she's constructing an interdimensional portal, what else is likely to get through?
The First Evil, illyria or Glory?
Phil's cellist girlfriend...
Maybe a real Smurf.
You know... what if Phil's cellist girlfriend was an Inhuman? I mean, could happen. Just tossing that out in the universe.
Oh no... is Ada evil now or something? Nooooooo!
Only one episode, and then a long break? I might forget to start watching again!
Could anyone read the writing on the back of whatever Mack is looking at?
I knew there would be a price to be paid with Aida.

So... four weeks off, then two weeks on, and then the winter finale and no more episodes until... god knows when.
Ada is making an invisible evil brain. It's going to take her over, and she'll be the Big Bad of the season.
We really need Agent Carter.
@Nebula1400 Boo. Do not want. Edit: That was to Aida being the Big Bad. Not to the Agent Carter thing.

[ edited by NYPinTA on 2016-11-30 05:03 ]
We're just getting to know Aida, and now they're going to turn her evil? I hope that was just a misdirect. She shouldn't have any emotions that the Darkhold could use to corrupt her.
Grrat episode tonight.I liked how each act focused on the characters in our reality and than Coulson,Fitz and Robbie in the Dark dimension while advancing the story.
AOS has been really good this season. Much tighter story telling in general. This is not to say that past seasons were bad, but this one feels more Whedonesque.
This ep reminds me of T.R.A.C.K.S. from S1.
Every morning I like to see what grade the AV Club gives an AoS episode after it airs. A-, which I think is the highest this season.
Fitz and Coulson should have just set a phaser to explode in Ten Forward. It worked for Geordi and Ro Laren...
@Dusk: If by subtle shipping hints you mean May and Coulson, I'd say it's more like blatant shipping hints. I was afraid they were going to kiss there at the end. I'm saying "afraid" because I've never been a fan of "Philinda" as a romantic option, but this is the first season where it seems like they may be going into that direction. In which case, well, at least they were smart enough to wait until he's not the Director and their relationship feels more equal, so it wouldn't make me uncomfortable as it would have during previous seasons.
@Dusk, I think it said:

It'll probably turn out that Mac lost a child. :/
@tomg Thanks, so 'lost hope' was a literal thing then. Probably a daughter.

@TimeTravellingBunny-Compared to Daisy/Lincoln and Coulson/Roz being set up it's subtle. Possibly Daisy/Robbie too. With Andrew gone and its been made clearly Coulson could only ever really be with another agent its just a matter of time. I'd say they were almost co-leaders previously so the power imbalance isn't much of an issue for me. If/when they overthrow or 'convert' Mace and have Coulson step up for the climax as usual, it might be a bit of an issue but I doubt it.
So Mac is harboring secret anger and desire for revenge over the death of a daughter, wife, girlfriend, or something. That's interesting (though it could easily be a cliche if not done right). I wonder what he'll do about it now.
@Dusk: Well, something being more subtle than the Daisy/Lincoln setup is like being dryer than water. At least Coulson/Rosalind was a fun dynamic, greatly helped by the fact that this was one of the rare occasions he was interacting with a woman who was his equal rather than either an underling or someone he irritatingly decided to "protect" by lying to her about such a huge thing as his death/survival.

May and Coulson were never co-leaders. And even aside beyond the chain of command, it never felt like an equal relationship (at least until now). Coulson was directly giving her orders and she was at times his biggest fan and cheerleader, as in season 2 when she told Bobbi or whoever it was from "the real SHIELD" that Coulson *is* SHIELD (?!). Fortunately, she did start to question him later, but she was still always going to follow his orders - they even addressed that in season 3, on one of the rare occasions when she actually called him out on something.

[ edited by TimeTravellingBunny on 2016-12-01 20:45 ]
@TimeTravelingBunny: She manipulated him into forming the team in the first place (for Fury but she still pulled it off). In terms of respect and command level most of the others will follow May instead of trying to take charge themselves, at least until Mace and his colour system showed up. He even expected her to take the full leadership if the alien blood killed him or drove him insane. If it weren't for protagonist privilege and he made a bad call she's the only one who could effectively reel him in.
@Dusk: In season 1, May was following orders from Director Fury. In seasons 2 and 3, she was following orders from Director Coulson. In terms of team dynamics and informal command structure during the pre-Winter Soldier season 1, she was still clearly below Coulson , and on the same level as Ward (regardless of Coulson and May's personal dynamics). The fact that Coulson had multiple people under his command manipulating him and having a different agenda/taking orders from someone else doesn't make them his co-leaders. If that were the case, Bobbi and Mack would be his co-leaders in season 2 as well.

In seasons 2 and 3, while May may have a lot of authority over most other agents, she was still clearly deferring to Coulson and taking his orders. On his part, Coulson rarely consulted with her or anyone before making decisions. On multiple occasions, he kept things from others or would make big, rash and sometimes unwise decisions all on his own. And most of the time, no one on his team would even criticize him for it (the "real SHIELD" did, but they were portrayed as antagonists). May got upset over it a few times (when he engaged Andrew's services without asking her, when she learned from Bobbi that Coulson had been keeping secrets from her, and in episode 3.18 when Coulson had a really jerk moment and later realized it himself and apologized), but even then she's always going to fall in line, and most of the time she does not challenge him and keeps telling him and everyone else why he's great and why things he did are right.
So I finally managed to watch this episode last night and was really knocked out - very well done, show! The "doubling" was both scary and effective.

Coincidence: I just watched the slow, terrifying "Ex Machina" last week, and in light of that WHOA does Aida now seem scary.

Side note: John Hannah always brings it, doesn't he?
Was anyone else surprised when Radcliffe slammed the book shut ?
Surprising that he would leave that much power on the table... but I think he puts his trust in science, not magic. Not sure how he figured out so quickly that the book is evil, and we still haven't been told WHY the book itself is evil (as opposed to being used for evil purposes).
@NYPinTA - I was getting a Mayor Richard Wilkins vibe when I heard "with no helmet!!" Made me laugh out loud, as did your comment. Thanks.

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