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December 09 2016

Buffy Summers is Hollywood's third most favourite female character. This is from an industry poll drawn up by The Hollywood Reporter.

Was a little peeved at first, "Third Place, what?!". Then, looked at the rest of the characters and realized the standing.

Oh, okay. How can I exit this gracefully?
That's....actually a good list.
I watched The Force Awakens with my son again last night. Nothing against Buffy or Hermione, but Leia was #1 for me 40 years ago--and she still is.

(Only complaint: Willow should have been somewhere on this list.)
Ripley should have been higher.
@cjl - I totally agree about Willow being on this list in some fashion. We've all been Willow at some point in our lives. Her journey was beautifully composed.
Veronica Mars is FAR too low
Seconding VMars and Ripley being too low. Also if you click on the 'vote yourself' bracket... having Buffy and VMars against eachother in round one is just so wrong... so cruel.
Sarah Connor????!!?
Only major problem I have with the list is that it misses Wonder Woman, Emma Peel, and a few other characters from past times. Oh, and of course, includes the usual whiners in the comments section...
Buffy is still #1. In my opinion at least.

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