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December 09 2016

Firefly holiday sweater on sale at ThinkGeek. Not sure which is worse, this sweater or the show getting cancelled.

That's not a... horrible sweater...
Yeah ..... the cancellation broke my heart but that sweater is a league worse.

Of course, being Australian, the whole concept of "Xmas sweater" is strange to me, given that is usually somewhere between 35 and 40C on Xmas Day.
A man walks down the street in that sweater, people know he's not afraid of anything.
In the latest issue of No Power in the 'Verse, Jayne does indeed get a sweater from him mum :).
It's horrible because it's just the Serenity over a generic background. Where are the repeating blue hands? The part that busted from Out of Gas? A mustache? A leaf? A stick? Pistols? The mule?
Only Jayne in reindeer antlers could be worserer.
I have two of these from Qmx. Wonder if they still have 'em.

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