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December 11 2016

Joss Whedon on why he's excited for Rogue One. He made the comments to Variety yesterday at the Rogue One premiere. Another Star Wars related interview with him from the same event can be found here.

It's a ragtag group of rebels in space who might not survive the movie. With Alan Tudyk.

Of course he's excited. I'm excited. It's like Firefly methadone.
I'm excited too. I'm just hoping it's kid friendly for my seven year old son.
It's Star Wars. It will be kid friendly.
Looking forward to it as well.
What Jason said. In many a way, Firefly is "What if the Rebels lost (and the Empire wasn't 100% evil)?" And Mal is totally Han, though his character arc starts out in reverse. So of course Joss is super-stoked for this.

I'm quite looking forward to this myself. Everyone could use a little hope.
Joss could totally do one of these movies.
Joss could still totally do one of these movies.
As if he will, that's another question.

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