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December 13 2016

(SPOILER) The Agents of SHIELD spinoff 'Slingshot' is up! Very well done and actually fits in nicely to the show. This a link to the episodes.

It's also on Marvel's youtube page.

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I've changed to the YouTube link so the likes of our non-US chums can view it.
Meh! Lackluster writing. The plot was kind of pointless. That's about the best I can say about it.
Very much on the short side as expected (discounting the credits, the entire run is about 25 minutes), but glad that the Youtube version ain't country locked. It was fun, but a bit pointless.
Cute. I enjoyed the Carter reference and Stan Lee photo and I think this is the first time we've had Elena and May interacting which is nice. Small nods to the nook and watches tie in into the 4A season arc well enough.

You can tell its an almost bottle episode thing but it was nice to see the old 084 plasma gun again and wrap a minor thing for Elena. Not essential but decent enough.
I enjoyed that! It had a nice feel to it, a little more serious than a typical episode.

I do think they tend to write all the characters alike. The "the what now?" line stuck out as a little forced for Yo-yo.

I liked the tone. I liked everything about how May handled things. That was good, like a little lost episode.
I didn't mind it. Felt like a standalone comic book issue before the next plot arc kicks in.
Just had a chance to watch it this morning.I enjoyed it.A fun little mini episode that was a nice bridge between season 3 and 4.

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And what if Mace finds out what Elena and Daisy did?
Well, they can start with "It's interesting you looked down at us Inhumans six months ago while making sure people don't notice you're one, too. Oh, and how's Senator Nadeer?"
"I only got to know her after she confronted me with footage of domestic terrorist Quake working with SHIELD behind my back and had to cover for you in front of the cameras."
"Yeah," says Quake, "but I went after domestic terrorists with nasty weapons. You know, 'enemy of my enemy' and all that. Granted, I have to fix a few more roads, and please remind me where. Besides, Elena is no killer, but fate sure was."

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Not going to watch. Pretty pointless.
Is it just me who get's the following for all episodes?

This video is not available.
Sorry about that.
Looks like they geoblocked them to US only. I watched them on Tuesday but can't now in Canada. But weirdly the ABC link works now:
Odd. But I've changed the link over to the ABC one. Thanks, Dusk.
I quote Xander Harris (which is rarely a hopeful sign):
“Big overture. Little show.”
I enjoyed that.

Made me wish for One Shots.

It was fine. I like the actor who plays Elena, so I was prone to liking this to begin with. Tied in nicely with a bunch of the main characters' arcs in Season 4 thus far and played nicely as a bridge between Seasons 3 and 4. I forgot about Elena's cousin, but nice to see that tied up now that these episodes reminded me about his murder.

The only main character who wasn't used for these minisodes was John Hannah's Dr. Radcliffe.

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