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December 16 2016

Neil Patrick Harris comments on Supergirl/The Flash musical rumours. He's heard about the rumours (including that Joss is involved) and that's about it.

That would be a very gleeful episode... ;)
I hope it's just that, rumours. Really not a fan of Supergirl - and Joss being involved will have me watch anything.
Unfortunately, I don't think it's true, but I wish Joss would direct an episode or two of Supergirl. It's a great show and reminds me a lot of old school Buffy.
As a huge Supergirl fan, having Joss direct the Flash musical crossover would be a dream.
(And while I don't think it is that likely, seeing as how Joss has talked in the past about being a fan of both Flash and Supergirl, I do feel there is a possibility he might do it/ or direct another episode down the line.)
I have not heard ANYTHING official about the musical in a long time... and I had assumed we'd start hearing stuff after the four-show crossover. Has anybody heard anything official?
Really hope Joss stays away from those shows, he's better than that. Then again he brought us Agents of Shield and I still don't understand how that show is still going.
Has there ever been anything official about this? I thought it was all rumor.
@Jason_M_Bryant, the producers on Flash/ Supergirl have confirmed that there will be a musical crossover, and have hinted that some of the singers from the other two shows may appear, but other than that we haven't heard anything official.

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