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December 19 2016

There will be a Buffy comic book out on Free Comic Book Day 2017. This is a Buffy High School Years tale and will be available at most comic book shops on May 6th, 2017.

I think there's forward-slash "/" missing at the end of the URL. It's getting to a Not Found Page.
When looking for the article on the website, the url is basically the same, but with the "/" added to the end.

Trying to remember if Comixology offered any of these FCBD issues, otherwise I'll have try to get my comic-shop to get me a physical copy of this Buffy comic.

Which takes me to another subject that I'm curious, if Dark Horse plans to collect the High School Years series in any trade format. Previous Buffy / Serenity FCBD entries stories, were all later included in a main line TPB, for those who weren't able to get a free copy. Each High School Year volume is longer than monthlies and already released in "conventional" Book Stores by itself, would a collected / omnibus / library version still possible.

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I think the article seems to have been removed but I found one on the Free Comic Day site itself.
It could also be added to a loose volume, would be only 8 more pages.

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