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December 21 2016

(SPOILER) Discuss Buffy Season 11 #2. Buffy and company deal with the aftermath of last issue's events in Part 2: In Time of Crisis.

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I liked the world building, it felt topical, and it was an enjoyable read. I'm very interested to see where this arc goes.
Really enjoyed it as well, although as mentioned before the story line does seem "Civil Waresque". That being said they have handled it very well, and it does make sense given where society currently is with the supernatural.

My only gripe-no way Spike would be part of a group hug. Would he?
The hug was 'off' for characterisation for sure. I assumed they did it because they wanted to emphasise that they are an inclusive group, but it sure did stand out as odd.

I enjoyed the issue and think there is really interesting potential for exploring how the individual scoobies feel they fit into the wider supernatural community. Nice to see Buffy identify to it and 'normalisation' receiving a less than enthusiastic response.
This is way too real considering our current political climate
My problem is that the idea of registering the supernatural has been done so many times before, notably in the X-Men series. In that case, it was about gay metaphor; here, it is about registering Muslims (or so I take it, given the new administration). So I am not invested in seeing how this plays out- I sort of think I know how it will. (Things get worse, more problems arise, supernatural people are threatened, the supernatural save the day in the end...).
A little late.I actually got the issue last week but only now just posting a few thoughts on Buffy # 2.

I'm not getting into the political aspects which are a big discussion on this issue and season.Just looking at it a story,I enjoyed the issue and the setup.

This issue is dense but it sets a lot of stuff up.But I really like the idea of doing s larger scale story again like season 8 but within a shorter season.I compare it a bit to Angel:After The Fall.

As other have said,the ideas of this story is a bit like Marvel's Civil War(both comics and movie) and storylines in the X-Men.They are even doing this type of plot on Agents of Shield with the Inhumans.

But I'm curious about how this type of plot will be applied to the Buffyverse.

Enjoyed the issue as a whole.

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