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January 03 2017

Dark Horse to release Buffy Season 8 Omnibuses. Volume 1 (which presumably collects the first half of the run) has a release date of September 26th on Amazon.

No, no, no! I already have the original run, the trades and the library editions. I just don't have any room left on my shelf for a fourth version season 8!
Hmmm. Does this mean they will be standard comic book size instead of the oversized library edition format? I hope there is some new artwork for the covers. I'm not really understanding why this is necessary, though.
It looks like all of the previous Buffy and Angel Omnibus releases from Dark Horse were slightly smaller than a standard comic book (listed as 6" x 9" on Amazon instead of the comic size of 6 5/8" x 10 1/4"). It feels safe to assume that this release will be similar in size.

These tend to be intended for more casual readers who missed the previous printings and want to pick up the stories on the cheap. Still, this release will be more portable than the beautiful Library editions, so that might be reason enough for some people to quadruple down. I enjoy Season 8 immensely, so if this release convinces more people to take a look, I think that is a good thing.
Nah don't need it, however I am curious if covers will just be recycled from original collections artwork or they'll commission new ones from Jo Chen who was the main cover artist for the season.

The Omnibuses might be a more 'practical' and cheaper version for those who didn't get the original TPBs or would like to avoid the large size from the Library Edition.

Still no news about Library Editions for Season 10?
I doubt they'll commission any new artwork, since the idea is to keep costs down. At best they might use art they already paid for but haven't used yet.
I selfishly miss Jo Chen's work (for nostalgia.) I would love to see some new Buffy work by her. The more compact size is actually a great idea for new readers. It's a good sign there's still enough demand to warrant a new printing of season 8.

Still no news about Library Editions for Season 10?

Not a peep.

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